Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Some people think that to improve yourself; you need to do all the work alone. However, it is best to consider that asking for help has a significant role in building relationships with the individuals around you. It may be something that you are struggling to do at first, but you will eventually realize how others are willing to assist you. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from others.

People Are Willing And Have The Ability To Help

Many individuals assume and perceive that others are not willing nor interested to help. One good reason for this thought is the fear of facing rejection. However, from a study conducted at Columbia University in New York City, psychologists found that strangers are willing to lend some helping hand to those in need. 

Most studies have a familiar pattern, which is the idea of underestimating others’ ability and willingness to assist and support us. People want to extend help, and studies show that it is our human instinct. It is best to allow others to help and serve you because it is a situation where both sides can feel satisfaction and fulfillment.

Acknowledging That You Need Help Is A Strength, Not A Weakness

According to organizational psychologists, the belief of thinking that competent individuals don’t need help refers to the social costs of seeking help. It means that you perceive the situation when you can’t do things on your own, you are likely to tell others you are lazy, weak, or incapable. However, it can help if you keep in mind that acknowledging that you need help from others is portraying your strength and not a weakness. 

Based on research by a Harvard-Wharton team, seeking help can increase the idea of your competence under the appropriate conditions. Recognizing your shortcomings instead of concealing them is a strong point because you are authentic with yourself and the people surrounding you. Reveal your story and struggles, whether about financial, personal, or emotional problems, because there is always someone willing to help you. 

Asking For Help Creates Connection

When you start to reach out and ask for help from others, you can create a bond or connection. A person is willing to help you as long as it is under the right circumstances, so you shouldn’t be afraid of encountering rejection from people. Having to ask for assistance from someone you know can lead to closeness and comfort with that person. 

If you have observed, some of the most profound and most real relationships you obtain are from seeking help from others and not masking your actual situation. It is helpful when you are straightforward sometimes because some cases require it. Finding the courage to open your problems first may also inspire someone else to step forward and admit their struggles as well.

It Can Make You More Comfortable About Yourself

If you continue to decline or refuse to reach out for help, that can lead to problems in the long run. You might think that you can prevent yourself from embarrassment today because you are not asking for help. Still, there is a tendency for further embarrassment to come when you continuously avoid help from others. You can look at the angle that you are probably prolonging it instead of letting it out. 

Asking for help may not be relatively easy for some individuals, but you must challenge yourself and not let negative assumptions consume your thoughts. You should give others the chance to attend to your requests and accompany you in your struggling times. It can be beneficial if you think that the more often you reach out, the more confident you become. By taking the courage to seek help, you can be more comfortable with yourself as well. 

Bottom Line

Based on studies, people are willing to help and extend their assistance to anyone who needs it. All you need to do is build your courage, reach out, and ask. Remember that there is nothing wrong with seeking help as long as it is under appropriate conditions, so don’t be afraid to voice out. Let others know your story, and you might be surprised at how things can be more light and fantastic if you are not scared of asking. 


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