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Ways To Cope With The Covid-19 Pandemic

Ever since news broke that China’s people started testing positive for the Coronavirus, people worldwide have gone into a frenzy of panic, distress, and worry. With the rapid rise in Covid-positive cases, more and more countries are doing everything they can to contain the said disease. As the days go by, it’s essential to stay calm and do the best you can to overcome and cope with this pandemic.

The Stress And Worry Surrounding The Outbreak

The sudden outbreak of the disease will, no doubt, continue to induce stress and worry worldwide. The overwhelming development of the cases may even cause long term damage to a person’s emotional and mental health. However, being able to handle the stress of it all can help you become more aware and calm while also lending a hand to the community.

Take note of the following people who may go through extreme stress when face with a crisis such as the Covid-19:

The signs of stress that you should be aware of during these trying times are the following:

While looking out for others may be the first thing on your mind amid the outbreak, never forget to support yourself as well. The truth is, before you can start helping others, you must first begin helping yourself. Here are some tips:

How Parents Can Manage Situations And Their Children

As a parent, it is their responsibility to maintain peace and order in the house despite the outbreak. While it’s true that children tend to react the same way their parents do, not all children are the same. There will be some who cannot process the situation entirely while some remain calm and collected.

For the benefit of all parents, here are some reactions and responses that children and teens show:

While the reactions mentioned above seem like a lot to take in, here are ways you can show your children that you support them:

How Responders Can Lessen Stress Within Their Inner Circle

Being a first responder can affect you both emotionally and mentally. The overwhelming feeling can result in secondary traumatic stress. Here are ways you can lessen STS:

What Happens When You Get Quarantined?

Being suspected of the virus can give you over the top stress levels. You may feel a surge of mixed emotions, you become fearful of not being able to see your family, and overall, you keep wishing that the situation becomes better.

In quarantine, always remember that what you’re doing is for the safety of your family and community. Whatever outcome, relax on the thought that you did your part as an individual.


Despite the worldwide panic, always choose to take care of your mental health first as well as your family’s. Take care of each other and support everyone who’s going through a tough time. Eventually, everything will turn back to normal.


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Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended or recommended for patients or other lay persons or as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Patients must always consult a qualified health care professional regarding their diagnosis and treatment. Mental health conditions are complex, people differ widely in their conditions and responses, and interactions with other conditions and treatments are best evaluated by a physical examination and consultation with a qualified clinician.

It is intended to offer physicians guidance regarding best practices in caring for and treating patients infected by COVID-19. Adherence to any recommendations included in this article will not ensure successful treatment in every situation.

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