Ways People Around the World Can Support Nigeria’s #EndSARS Protests

The increasing reports of violence against peaceful protests have caught the attention of different countries around the world. Here’s what you can do to support the movement in ending police brutality brought by the forces of Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad. 

1. Keep Informed 

The youth has sparked a movement to call for SARS abolishment, a police unit accused of unlawful killings and prejudices such as extortion, torture, and rape. The condemnation was demonstrated through weeks of protests, campaigns, and social media.

However, with the outrage of online movements, misinformation and distortions have emerged to oppose the said appeal. And as a supporter aiming to connect with the circumstance, following the hashtag #EndSARS would keep you updated with the ongoing suppression. Reading articles and factual video explainers would enlighten world supporters amid the disorientation.

2. Use Your Platform 

In response to the movement, Nigerians utilized various platforms to raise awareness and connect with organizations that would offer them backups. As the youth reaches you, demonstrate your support by amplifying their voices for a broader and louder reach.

Use Hashtags

One way to connect and engage with the action is by using hashtags #EndSars, #EndSWAT, and #SARSMustEnd. The demands for the withdrawal and exposure of a wide-range force have to keep trending to reach the national justice systems as it presses the Nigerian authority.   

Condemn Nigerian Government 

The administration must be held accountable for the suppression and police intimidation since it has been going on for years. Urging the Nigerian government to resolve the crisis and condemning how the state handles its country must persist until a genuine action transpires.

Follow Advocacy Groups 

There are more than what the media covers. Various platforms aiming to spread insights about a certain sectoral movement have commenced in light to strive justices. Follow advocacy groups to know what’s progressing. These groups mostly collaborate in thriving campaigns and protests, wherein netizens could join.

3. Sign petitions 

The purpose of signing petitions is to participate in the appeal and process of change. It allows the users to learn insights about the certain call addressed to the government and decide whether to sign or not. In this case, the Nigerians need a collective movement to dissolve the violence.

4. Donate 

Advocacy groups in Nigeria and elsewhere have raised money to aid Nigerian protestors and disburse victims across the country. The feminist coalition, a Nigerian organization advocating for women and equality, has distributed funds collected for medical expenses, legal aids, relief for victims, a memorial for the fallen, and mental support. According to its website, the organization has received a total of ₦147,855,788.28 (includes donations in USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, GHS, KES, and BTC). 

5. Write to the Nigerian High Commission 

Aside from going online and demonstrating the support for the movement, the demand for action must reach the Nigerian High Commission as it ought to protect Nigeria’s interest. Multiple reports concerning the #EndSARS protest addressed to the organization would incite them in prioritizing the unit’s unlawful actions. However, the willingness of the Nigerian government would immensely influence the future of the movement, so it is important to forward the concerns directly to them.

6. Join local protests

Allies and human rights advocates have organized local protests in solidarity of the Nigeria protestors and victims. Take a stand and participate with the ongoing protest until the pressure induced the authorities to recognize the community’s rights and welfare.

If you’re residing in United States, there are some assemblies organized that  you could attend. Nevertheless, online protests and the rise of trend holding a placard with the written call would make a concluding stand.

7. Educate Others

It is crucial to relinquish the insights and accurate information towards other people to form a collective consciousness in light of the growing violence and abuse of human rights. Widespread awareness and mutual stand would outnumber the police force while abolishing the threats to a peaceful protest. 

Despite the miles of involvement, diversity, and influence, the world needs solidarity to discontinue the injustices occurring in the state of Nigeria. The online rage, people in the streets, and repeated calls for action would impact the community since it establishes power and awareness.


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