Unexpected Ways You Can Build Your Confidence

According to the University of Florida Counseling Center, confidence, or self-confidence, is the state of accepting your strengths and weaknesses. It is also the state of trusting yourself and having a positive view of yourself. Not all people have high self-confidence due to many underlying reasons. To help them, here are some of the habits you may imbibe so you can boost your confidence:

1. Laugh

“If you can laugh in the face of adversity, you’re bullet-proof…” English comedian Ricky Gervais claimed this odd sentence in one of his tweets. Some people would now brush this one off as one of his foolish quips, but he had a point. If you laugh at any hardships you encounter, then you’re invincible to the next one.

Moreover, if you let a tiny chuckle or giggle when you’re thinking poorly of yourself, you’ll see that it’s ridiculous. Laughing will let you realize that it’s senseless to worry about what others may think of you. Also, laughing through your frustrations will wire your brain to believe that every hardship has a solution.

Laughing can positively affect your body. According to Jongeun Yim in his paper, laughter can lessen the stress-inducing hormones in our blood and release endorphins. He wrote the physical and psychological effect of laughing:

  • Exercises and relaxes muscles
  • Improves respiration
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Increases the immune system’s defenses
  • Elevates pain threshold and tolerance
  • Enhances mental functioning
  • Reduces anxiety, stress, and tension
  • Counteracts symptoms of depression
  • Elevates mood, self-esteem, hope, energy, and vigor
  • Enhances memory and creative thinking
  • Improves interpersonal interaction
  • Increases friendliness and helpfulness

2. Compliment Others

This confidence-boosting strategy is the easiest one. Complimenting others will not cost you anything. When you give positive comments to others, it makes them feel good, boosting their confidence. In turn, you’ll feel the same way because you made someone happy.

A teacher, Ms. Morgan Rublee, has tested this strategy with her social experiment called “Operation Extraordinary.” She first asked her student to pick between two doors labeled “Extraordinary” and “Average.” Most of the students choose the “Average” door.

After choosing a door, students must say positive and lovely things to each other. Within a week, more students picked the “Extraordinary” door. They also felt good with the compliments they received and boosted their confidence.

3. Accomplish a good deed

Like complimenting others, doing a good deed will significantly affect your self-confidence. You’ll feel good that you helped someone in need. Also, a “thank you” or a simple smile you get after helping someone are priceless things.

There are different ways of doing a good deed. You can do community service, donating to non-profit organizations, or even volunteer at an animal shelter. When you start accomplishing good deeds, you’ll see that you’re gradually coming out of your shell.

4. Try new things

People with low self-confidence often doubt themselves, which restrains them from exploring countless possibilities. Moreover, they are continually thinking about their actions, whether it is foolish or stupid to others.

However, it is not wrong to do something silly or act foolishly. Sometimes going outside of your comfort zone is the best way to boost your self-confidence. When trying new things, you can have a eureka moment when you realize that you can do it. Exposing yourself to something you’re uncomfortable with will make you believe in yourself more.

5. Exercise

Working out is known to have tremendous benefits physically, mentally, and emotionally. Also, our bodies and mind are intertwined. You’ll feel sad or grumpy when you don’t take care of your body. Exercising will make you feel good as it can emit endorphins that make us happy.

The term exercise for this strategy encompasses everything that will make your blood moving. Activities include but are not limited to dancing, walking, doing yoga, swimming, or riding a bike.

6. Find your passion

Although it is tough to do, looking for your passion will surely boost your self-awareness. When you are fully aware of yourself, confidence will follow. Doing a thing you’re passionate about will make you feel proud of yourself and make you more productive.


Some say confidence is the secret to success, and others proclaimed that it’s the way to have a happy life. Both are true because if you have self-confidence, everything will fall in place. Don’t listen to your inner saboteur and simply follow the habits mentioned so you’ll have a beautiful life.


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