Things You Didn’t Know About Dating With Depression

Depression is a real illness. And if you’re someone who’s struggling from it, there are high chances of mixed disturbances and unanswered questions. But how’s it like to be in a relationship while you’re under medication? Every experience of a person is unique, but here is some common encounter you might anticipate. Recognizing the following would allow you to understand and recover from it.

Low Libido & Intimacy Issues 

Sexual desires are essential to romantic relationships. Although it’s sometimes normal to experience a rare initiative, it’s not as extended caused by extreme stress and sadness. Depression reduces the energy of a person towards various activities. It could impact the quality of dating your partner.

You may be in love with someone, but you would not feel intimate like you ought to. Your partner could perceive this as a lack of interest, so you might want to sit and discuss it. Discover ways on how to boost sexual connection that would make you feel relieved. 

Uncertainty About the Relationship

Other people feel overwhelmed about their future. However, depression causes self-doubt and insecurities. It affects how you perceive your relationship with your partner. And if not addressed, uncertainties would arise. It tricks you into believing that the relationship is not worthwhile, thinking you are underserving. 

Moreover, a sense of hopelessness towards your future together is induced by suicidal factors. There’s a cognitive distortion that manipulates you to imagine negatively about certain aspects. Aside from treatment, the most dependable approach to feel assured in your relationship is to remember you are loved and supported.

Anxiety even when Together

Although many people believe that being with the right person calms themselves, there is no exemption for individuals who suffer from depression. Anxiety and stress are highly comorbid, and problems with concentration and energy arise. 

The neurotransmitters are determined to make you feel down every time. Meaning, you would get anxious about almost everything—your partner’s reaction, other people’s perspective of you when together, etc. There are also possibilities of being hypersensitive when attempting to express emotions. It would seem like the chances are ricked fronting a bond where depression is involved. 

Last Minute Cancelation of Plans

Sometimes, things are overwhelming, and you would not be able to comply with the planned trips. Depressed ones usually worry and often make it hard for them to process situations. 

It would be frustrating, but your partner ought to understand that pressure would make scenarios worst. You might encounter saying “yes” to dinner and journeys beforehand, but you could also cancel it at the last minute due to factors. It takes practice and behavioral therapies to overcome troubles, reduce, and challenge them.

Communication Sometimes Feel Impossible

While communication is an integral aspect of establishing relationships, depression makes it complicated to sustain it. Those who have mental illness are overwhelmed by their symptoms to the point of not having enough energy to communicate with others.

Sometimes, presence and understanding are enough. But people have to address and treat the illness. You have to break down and recognize the triggers to ease the pain. Talking about what your partner feels would enable progress in making sure you are heard. 

There are Different Versions of Normal

Considering people have attained standards on what is normal dating, it may vary from depressed individuals. Every day they go through episodes and instability. So the recognition of ideals matters to make the relationship work. Some factors in life need alternations in terms of dating.

It is important to be open about what makes you comfortable and not. There is no perfect relationship, and we all have our expectations. But you will learn that someone is the right person if they could deal with both party’s lifestyle and schedule.

Standard Ways of Relationship Applies

Indeed, there are some things people ought to learn about dating with depression. However, individuals are more than their illnesses. We do not label them merely as is it. As a partner who suffers from it, you have to make it work with the acknowledgment of conventional relationship rules.

Depressed individuals are capable of things. And the core of the relationship should matter, including faithfulness and good balance. Treating others the right way is necessary. You would get the attention you earn. Additional support and erasing stigma are some of the solutions in establishing a strong and lasting bond.


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