Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Worthless

People feel worthless or suffer from imposters syndrome for numerous reasons. Irrespective of why you feel like you are unworthy, it’s essential to overcome the feeling so you can move forward to the next thing in your life or career. Just like healing, getting over the phase of worthlessness is a process, and it requires work. While you are working towards feeling worthy again, here are five things to keep in mind when the feeling of worthlessness sets in.

This Too Shall Pass: The Feeling Isn’t Permanent

Most of the time, when we are stuck amid raging emotions and can’t seem to find our way out, it usually feels infinite. It’s common to feel like the experience is permanent, and there is no way out of it. 

However, it’s helpful to liken emotions to the weather. After cloudy or rainy days, the sun will still shine. Bearing in mind that how you feel (no matter how intense) will pass is helpful. 

You are Where You Need to Be Right Now

It’s common to feel lost and terrible for being in a place of worthlessness. Sometimes, you beat yourself up for feeling worthless or for being stagnant (from your perspective). It’s helpful to note that having negative emotions are as healthy as the positive ones we feel (unlike what we are commonly led to believe). It would be best to remember that the actions that stem from these negative feelings could be detrimental.

That being said, processing the emotions you feel can act as a catalyst for growth. So, accept all your feelings and realize that you are exactly where you need to be at the moment and grow.

You are Not Alone: Even the Most Successful People Hit Roadblocks

It’s always easy to assume that everyone around us does not understand how we feel. Let’s face it; every situation is different, so people’s understanding is quite obviously limited to their experience. Notwithstanding, everyone —especially very successful people have felt worthless at some point in their career, most commonly during the peak.

How does this knowledge help you?

We tend to see what people show us, so it’s easy to look at people that have “made it” and assume that they did not hit stumbling blocks. This assumption makes us place them on a pedestal and belittle our feelings and achievements. When you remember that everyone, even your most prominent critics, struggles with worthlessness, it makes you less hard on yourself and strive to feel better.

Compared to All That Feels Wrong, You Still Have a lot Going For You 

In the vulnerable state of feeling worthless, our minds start failing to think of good things. Instead of looking on the bright side and see how much we can be thankful for, our minds focus on:

  • Betrayal and past hurt
  • The ways life isn’t working
  • How much we are unable to do
  • How much of a disappointment we are
  • The feeling of not being deserving of the good things that happen to us

There are more examples of negatives we obsess over while forgetting to see somethings that we have better. Some seemingly basic gifts we can focus on when we feel worthless are:

  1. The gift of life
  2. The gift of health (excellent health in some cases)
  3. The gift of food
  4. The gift of clean water
  5. The gift of shelter and much more
  6. Even money to buy our daily needs (and wants)

Take a Step Back and Seek Contrast To Gain Perspective (Zoom Out)

When you look at a painting section, it may seem abstract until you focus on the whole picture. The scenario is sometimes similar in our lives. We tend to hyper-focus and forget to take a step back to acknowledge our accomplishments and failures. Seeking a contrast between positive and troubling emotions and taking time to zoom out and see the full picture can help you gain much-needed perspective on issues. It’s helpful to bear this thought in mind not only when you feel worthless and stuck but also on regular days to avoid spiraling.

Final Thoughts

Unlike what many people want you to think, there is nothing wrong with how you feel, so don’t judge yourself for it. The feeling of worthlessness is sometimes the stepping stone for your next substantial move, so don’t waste the time wallowing. Try to add other helpful things to the list and do your best to remember them anytime you feel worthless (because you aren’t).


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