Things That Can Harm Your Mental Health

Have you ever wondered if you may be harming your mental health without even realizing it? Taking care of our psychological state is simply as crucial as taking care of our physical health. We need to consider that some of the habits we think as usual might be causing harm to us. Identifying some mental pitfalls can be the first step in improving your mental health. Here are some things that can be potentially harming your mental health: 

Being Stuck in The Past

Is replaying old conversations and coming up with better replies a regular occurrence for you? Do you sometimes find yourself dwelling on things that you should have done in certain situations to the point where you get overwhelmed? Ruminating is a psychological replay of stressful situations over and over again. Responding this way to negative situations has been linked to higher depressive symptoms over time and can be a precursor to future depressive episodes. 

Isolation and Loneliness

Being alone and being lonely are two completely different things. The feeling of loneliness can occur even when you are in a sea of people. Isolation is when you are separated or deprived of human contact for some time. The feeling of loneliness or separation is not a new topic for a lot of individuals. Most individuals may experience this feeling at one point or the other in their lifetime. These feelings can be considered as usual, and over time, they go away. If in situations where they do not pass, it can pose a threat to your psychological health and general wellbeing. Some reasons that might create these feelings include:

  • Loss of a loved one
  • Culture shock or language barriers in a new environment 
  • Finding a new goal in life
  • Staying alone in an apartment

When acts of violence are carried out towards you, and it makes you feel powerless or unsafe can harm your mental health. A lot of things can be tagged as violence, for example, psychological or emotional harm, verbal abuse, sexual assault, bullying, financial control, physical abuse, and so on. Non-physical abuse is just as damaging as physical assault as this dire toy affects your mental health and can change your views of life. 

Psychological abuse can be challenging to identify in most cases. Individuals that suffer from emotional abuse tend to internalize their emotions, and instead, they lash out on the people around or have a drastic change in behavior. Children who suffer from psychological abuse tend to suffer from mental health issues as adults. 

Physical Illnesses

Physical injuries or diseases can play a role in our psychological health. Some physical conditions can impact brain chemistry directly and can lead to mental disorders. The most common effect is a poor physical condition, which can affect an individual’s self-esteem. Overall this condition can cause unhappiness or depression. In cases like this, the best remedy is tending to the physical problem, as if the individual can accomplish physical tasks, their self-esteem is gradually rebuilt. 

Drastic Change

Drastic changes in forms of losing a job, losing a loved one, moving to a new country, divorce or separation, and so on can be very painful. Finding out ways to deal with this change can sometimes be complicated, especially among youths. In the end, the path that is taken can hurt the individual’s psychological health for a long time to come. Professional help is advisable if you are having a difficult time coming to terms with these drastic changes occurring. 

Excessively Seeking Reassurance

Do you find yourself constantly questioning your actions? Always seeking approval or assurance before carrying out any activity is involved with the development of depressive symptoms. It lowers your self-esteem and does not allow you to carry out any task and be satisfied with the outcome. Believing in your capacity to make the right decisions is a step in the right direction to help this issue. 

Forgetting To Take Mental Health Breaks

Setting aside some time to focus on just yourself is very important. These days work, and many other factors can occupy our time so much so that we forget to take some time off and rest. From entrepreneurs who work long hours to succeed to students who study all night till dawn, it can be very distressing to your mental health. Working for long periods without breaks can lead to a state of burnout, which is a state of complete exhaustion. Burnout is a significant predictor of type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, and gastrointestinal issues. It is an excellent idea to take a breather from your hectic schedule once in a while.

Other factors can harm mental health in individuals. If you are experiencing any of the listed causes above, it advisable to check yourself or seek professional help to help you in doing so. In the end, always consider your mental health like you do your physical health.


Disclaimer: The information on this website is not intended or recommended for patients or other lay persons or as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Patients must always consult a qualified health care professional regarding their diagnosis and treatment. Mental health conditions are complex, people differ widely in their conditions and responses, and interactions with other conditions and treatments are best evaluated by a physical examination and consultation with a qualified clinician.

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