The Value Of Knowing How To Set Boundaries

Knowing how to set boundaries is a life skill that many should start practicing because, if not, it can contribute to the overall anxiety and frustration. Understand that you can only do so much, and taking care of other people’s needs and wants before yours is not good for your well-being.

Setting Boundaries: What Does It Mean?

When talking about boundaries, you are speaking up for yourself or drawing the line for things that you should and should not do. It also covers how you allow people to talk to you or let them treat you in general. 

Another thing to know is that setting boundaries means that you monitor the commitments that you take or accept. If you’re currently working on a significant project and another offer comes through, remind yourself that it’s okay not to accept the latter commitment. You don’t always have to be the person who says yes to everything.

The Different Ways You Can Set Boundaries

It’s not always about limiting your activities or not accepting additional commitments. Boundaries can come in many forms and decisions. Here are different ways that you should know about and try to practice.

Always Prioritize Self Care

You have to do what it takes to make yourself happy while also consistently prioritizing your needs. It could be watching your favorite show on Sundays or hanging out every afternoon with the family. Whatever activity brings you peace, choose to make time for it no matter what happens.

Train your mind to normalize and get used not to accept any offers or commitments, primarily if it draws you away from the things that help keep your peace of mind. Remember, self-care = boundaries.

Be A Good Communicator

Excellent communication is vital to achieving the kind of boundaries that are healthy for your mental well-being. Sometimes, it’s also necessary to “over-communicate,” which means that you do whatever it takes to let others understand your rules and boundaries. 

Find The Will To Speak Up

While it may seem difficult or scary, you also have to be willing to confront even your friends and family about everything. No matter what hierarchy you have at home, or if it’s your belief to not go against an elderly’s opinion, always stick with your plan and focus on your goal: to set boundaries and attain inner peace and well-being.

Learn How To Say “NO”

Saying no is hard to do, especially for people who are used to being the go-to person or someone who always aims to please. The thing is, you should not think about what people will say about your refusal. Because as time goes by, if you continue to give chances and say yes to even the ridiculous requests, people will slowly abuse your kindness.

So, say no, even if you have the extra time to do a project that your friend gave you on such short notice. Say no to your auntie, who wants you to help her with something but informs you a day before the deadline. Remember that the priority is your peace. You can’t let people’s opinions influence the way you see yourself.

What Happens When You Learn How To Set Boundaries?

Whether it’s between you and your coworkers, friends, or family, setting boundaries gives you the respect that you deserve. Once you establish a reputation and rule that you only accept offers and commitments according to your availability, everyone will start to understand and adjust accordingly.

People will also think twice about coming up to you and asking for an unplanned favor because they know that you won’t be easily swayed or convinced to do something on such short notice.

Also, being able to set boundaries makes you feel liberated and free because you no longer have to wait on other people’s opinions and schedules. You can control your time and ensure that you don’t undergo unnecessary stress and difficulties because of trying to fulfill other people’s needs.


When you’re faced with a situation wherein you need to choose between helping someone out and relaxing instead, always choose the latter. Learn how to set boundaries and rules so that people don’t overdo it and abuse your kindness. Remember that your peace and well-being should always be your number 1 priority.

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