The Benefits Of Social Connection

Learning how to establish relationships and connections with others is as essential as taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. By nature, humans are inclined to engage in social relationships because of the benefits they have for their overall health. Being in touch with people gives you a feeling of belonging, closeness, and love.

You Won’t Feel Alone Or Isolated

The reality of life is that there will always be moments when you feel isolated or alone, especially when faced with a situation beyond your control. Instead of keeping it all to yourself, try and open up to a person you trust about what you feel, no matter how hard. No one is meant to go through life alone.

Know that your family and friends are always one call away, and are more than willing to sit down and listen to your rants. Building a great relationship with the people around you makes you feel loved and cared for, especially when they become empathic and go through your pain and feelings with you.

Your Mental Health Improves

Keeping all the thoughts to yourself can cause a series of chain reactions such as anxiety, depression, and extreme stress. When you go through these experiences, it can take a toll not only on your mental health but to your overall well-being as well. You start sleeping late, don’t eat right, or stop doing the things that usually make you happy.

However, when you have a stable connection with friends and family, you clear your head of the negative thoughts and start seeing from another person’s perspective. It can help you view the situation in another light and overall improve how you address the problem. Also, it lessens the chances of feeling suicidal.

If you want to take things slowly, you may try to assess your feelings by considering the loneliness scale developed by the University of California, Los Angeles. This UCLA test can help you determine your level of loneliness, which can then be a tool that you and your friends and family can use to help you cope.

There Is Honesty Regarding Your Feelings And Emotions

For some, expressing themselves is a hard thing to do. It can stem from trauma, childhood experiences, or it’s a part of their personality. Having at least one person, you can talk to pushes you to talk about yourself more and be honest about your emotions despite the difficulty in opening up.

With this, you can also start acknowledging that it’s okay to feel bad or go through emotions and situations that make you lonely or stressed. The important thing is that you slowly start becoming honest with yourself and with others to devise a strategy or plan to help address the situation and how you feel.

You Have A Happier, More Positive Outlook In Life

Having no one to talk to when you have a surge of emotions (be it happy or sad), can leave you feeling isolated or alone. Being able to converse with different people with varying perspectives helps influence the way you think. 

For example, you meet someone that believes in seeing the good out of all situations. Being friends with a person who has such a positive outlook and happy demeanor makes you more content as well. These relationships, while many don’t see it, become a big help in changing a person’s way of thinking as well as how they start viewing and addressing situations.

Connections Boost Your Confidence

Being friends with different groups of people gives you a kind of confidence that makes you happy. Because you value these people’s opinions, the things that they say, especially the positive ones, help boost your confidence. Be it a simple “you look great today” or “thanks for being a good friend,” it can instantly brighten up your day.

On the other hand, you also gain confidence in knowing that there are people who have your back and are willing to go the extra mile for you because they value and love you. The power of friendship helps you feel secure and confident in ways that you never thought it would.


Whether you love socializing or not, establishing at least one social connection is still something you should be proud of and celebrate. People have different perspectives and experiences, but overall, being able to find someone to call your friend is more than enough. 


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