Morning Mindfulness Practices to Help You Have an Awesome Day

As the new year starts, there also comes tons of resolutions that you can make for  self-improvement. One way to improve your health and change the way you think is through mindfulness, as per a Harvard Medical School study. If you want to have a fantastic day ahead, knowing and practicing morning mindfulness exercises is the best option!

Reasons to Start a Morning Mindfulness Practice

Life is already stressful, and the pandemic even made it worse than before. You might be skeptical about the effectiveness of morning mindfulness practices like meditation. So, here are four reasons to convince you on starting morning mindfulness exercises:

1. Sets a Calm Tone for the Entire Day

Most people wake up in the morning and immediately check their phones for their to-do lists, but this habit can be overwhelming. Even for only five minutes, having a morning meditation helps you start the day calmly and peacefully. You can carry this calmness and peace throughout the day.

2. Gives More Energy

Besides making your emotional well-being better, the endorphins released upon meditating also boost energy that awakens and alerts you in the morning. It can also lessen the energy slump in the afternoon, making you less dependent on caffeine.

3. Increases Focus

With a clear and still mind, you can already set your priorities throughout the day that increases productivity. You can achieve this through meditation and mindfulness practices.

How to Start a Morning Meditation Practice

As per a JAMA Internal Medicine study, meditation practices improve stress-related problems, like anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders. Start doing morning meditation right away by doing these steps:

  • Set your alarm five to fifteen minutes earlier than your wake up time to give time for morning meditation.
  • Allow yourself to be comfortable by wearing clothing that fits you. Set the temperature right, or do anything first to prevent yourself from fidgeting.
  • Choose a peaceful, quiet place where you cannot be disturbed.
  • Discover the technique that works for you out of many ways to meditate. It can be meditating on yoga via videos, audiobooks, or mobile applications. There is no right answer, but only what’s right for you.
  • Note that meditating comes with practice and does not come to you right away.

5 Morning Mindfulness Daily Practices You Should Try

As you are always rushing your day, your emotions and behavior are also affected by your impulsive self. Pause and do these mindfulness practices to lighten up your mood for a great day ahead!

Mindful Wakeup

Start your day with a purpose to help you align your conscious thinking with a primal emotional drive. Here are three practices that you can do first thing in the morning:

  1. Upon waking up, sit on your bed or a chair in your room with a relaxed posture. Ensure that your spine is straight yet comfortable and not in a rigid position.
  2. Do three nourishing breathing exercises by breathing in with your nose and out with your mouth.
  3. Discover what your intention for today is. It must improve and make an impact on yourself. Throughout the day, pause and revisit your purpose.

Mindful Eating

Although eating is indeed pleasurable, mindfully doing it benefits your overall health condition. These are the mindfulness eating practices that you must do:

  • Breathe before eating.
  • Try to listen to your body and eat according to your hunger.
  • Don’t force yourself to eat if you dislike the food to have peaceful eating.

Mindful Pause

It’s okay to give your slow brain some work for critical decisions by reminding yourself of your intentions throughout the day. You can also try and think of a new productivity pattern.

Mindful Workout

Mindfully working out activates your thinking and enhances physical capacities. It also synchronizes your body, mind, and nervous system as you do some runs.

Mindful Driving

You can always choose to drive yourself calm, not crazy. Doing these mindful driving practices can help you out even during the snarkiest traffic jam.

  • Taking a deep breath brings more oxygen to widen the space between your heightened stress reaction and the stimulus around you.
  • Ask and give yourself what you need to relieve yourself.
  • Look around other drivers to dissipate your stress.


Stop rushing out the door without even thinking about what you want to do today. Practicing mindfulness exercises for just a few minutes at different times within a day helps your days become better than ever and more. Ultimately, it lets you become in sync with how you want your day to be.


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