Keynote Speech – University of Kentucky (April 27, 2019)

I’m excited to announce that in a few weeks, i’ll be giving my first keynote speech at the University of Kentucky at the 2019 Graduate Student Life Summit/NAGPS Midwest Regional Conference. Being a graduate student that is finishing up a terminal degree, I am excited to shed some light on the issues that face graduate students and what can be done to make the “grad school experience” more bearable so that others are able to further their education in their respective fields.

I’ll be looking to receive permission from the University of Kentucky to have the speech recorded and broadcasted on my YouTube.

For those in the Lexington, KY area, details will be available on my Instagram about how to purchase tickets on Eventbrite to the Graduate Student Life Summit.

Once again, thank you for your attention to those that have been following my journey.



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