I Can’t Wait … For Right Now

I spent the last few weeks of 2018 reflecting about how exhausting the year was. Three consecutive semesters of school throughout the year (along with clinical rotations) left me semi-burned out and forced me to spend a lot of days resting and planning for the New Year. 2019 is supposed to be — and will be — a big year for me in many ways. I plan on finally graduating from my doctoral degree program, transiting from a RN to a provider, taking my clothing company to a new level, collaborating with awesome organizations like Mental Health America, and even positioning myself to pursue business opportunities in areas that I’m passionate about. On a personal level, I hope to spend more time with family and friends and most importantly freeing up time for me so I can continue to grow and learn who I am as a person. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me and the people around me….

At the same time, one key lesson that I am learning is to make an active attempt to appreciate EVERYTHING — and that includes the good and the bad. It is human nature to appreciate things, places, & people AFTER the fact. You often hear people talk about how things were better and much “simpler” in the past but you’ll rarely hear the same person acknowledge the things that are going great in their life at the moment. For me, it’s extremely tempting to not get too carried away and obsess about the future. 

I often catch myself thinking about graduation and wondering how well the upcoming book will do, & often forget about how good life is NOW. 

I’m healthy and blessed to be alive, my family and friends are doing well and have their basic needs met, my car works, I’m still employed, I’m able to afford Chick-Fil-A once or twice a week, AND neither one of my brothers have figured out how to stop my 4-3 blitzes on Madden 19. =)

Gratitude is the secret ingredient to contentment, which to me is a more satisfying feeling than the transient feelings of “happiness” we often spend most of our lives chasing. 

Though I’m writing this as a blog post online, I’m preaching to myself as well. The next time I catch myself over-extending and neglecting today’s blessings, I’ll quickly remind myself about how I can’t wait to appreciate the “right now”, today!

PSAFE4 Fashion Show
Atlanta, GA (2018)



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