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How To Succeed In Nursing School

Nursing is a wonderful profession, but the journey there is not easy. There are several paths to becoming a nurse in the US. While you can do an associate’s degree, some employers choose to only hire people who have Bachelor’s or even Master’s degrees. Once you finish your degree, you’ll have to take another exam to become licensed in order to practice.

It’s especially important to study properly in nursing school. Not only because the material can be difficult, but because it requires more than memorizing. You’ll be using what you learn in nursing school on the job, so it’s important that you really understand what it is that you’re learning.

I made a video with my tips on how to succeed in nurse practitioner school, based on my own experience. These tips got me through undergrad nursing school and NP school. I wanted to go more in-depth about each tip and offer a few more.

Nursing school can be difficult, but if you’re effective, you can make it through and be successful without burning out. Remember to go easy on yourself and set realistic goals. You don’t have to go too easy on yourself, but practice self-compassion. Try not to compare yourself to others, and instead focus on doing the best you can.

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