How to Stop Feeling Like Everyone is Judging You

There are moments when we feel conscious about ourselves, especially how people perceive our capabilities, actions, feelings, and overall character. Most of the time, there is a constant troubling fear that everyone you came across is judging you—and we want to break free from these kinds of  thoughts. 

The Psychology Behind the Feeling

To fully overcome the fear, one must understand where it is coming from. In fact, several factors influence the thought of an individual towards the community. 

Social Anxiety

The boundaries and limitations of a person towards the community derive from the great fear and discomfort concerning social interactions. Individuals who suffer from social anxiety distance themselves from others because it hinders them from expressing themselves during engagements.

Pleasing Others

Sometimes, the fear is being led by the constant feeling of wanting to be liked. The eagerness to please others is associated with an individual’s self-worth issues. This means, in order to be validated, people-pleasers tend to do something that seems to be acceptable. 

However, the continuous pleasing of an individual, especially if he or she does not feel validated, often leads to blatant worrying there is something wrong.

Comparisons During Childhood

As a child, you might grow up being compared with others. Whatever the reason may be, it makes us feel not good enough. It influenced our mindset upbringing to the present, ever since the internalized critical questions were redeemed within yourself.

You Judge Others Too

Let’s face it; individuals are capable of perceiving others depending on our preferences. For example, you judge others’ ways of clothing. Then it has a significant impact on yourself—thinking that the people surrounding you observe the same stuff about your appearance.

Getting Over the Fear

One can conquer the fear of judgment through thoughtful reflections. The ability to express your true self without worrying about what others would assume about you is an on-going process. Here are five alternatives to cease your inner fear of judgment. Implementing these concepts would help you accept completely who you are—and the rest would follow.

Know What You Are, and Not Capable Of

The first step of overcoming fear is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. In this way, you would be aware of the minor issues that needed to be fixed. Since, in some cases, worrying about others judging you hints that you do not have a healthy idea about your character. You would learn how not to care about others’ opinions if you truly know your great attributes and what needs to be developed.

Listen to Yourself

If you think you have dressed up something good enough to go outdoors, then you are competent to go. Do not let irrelevant opinions strip away your confidence, especially if they do not owe something to them. Everyone has something to say, but what matters the most is your own opinion about your character.

Not Everyone Cares

Let’s be honest; people do not care about your identity and appearance as much as you do. In some cases, the feeling of being judged is just a result of a misunderstanding, especially if you do not have the time to discuss topics as well as receiving preferred responses. You do not have to chase their approval.

Stop Judging Yourself

Instead of being overly critical about your character, you should rather be your own support system. We all have flaws to deal with, and it is natural to have those. Keep the process by turning yourself in and be confident about yourself; they cannot give negative opinions about you if you have fully got a hold of yourself.

Judgment is Unavoidable, But it Would Not Last.

You cannot control what others would think of you in an instant. But the good thing is, memories of a person’s judgment towards others are not significant enough to retain within his or her conscious awareness. We could build up contexts and minor setbacks if ever we have done something inappropriate. But take note, you do not have to explain yourself to others excessively.


You are not alone. Most people experienced the overwhelming fear of being judged. And one must learn to acknowledge the feeling to resist the general apprehension. Because the moment you finally understand yourself and the issues, the progress will soon follow—and you can finally overcome the impression like everyone is assessing you.


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