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How To Prepare For Nurse Practitioner School

In the US, advanced practice nursing is state and federally regulated. While autonomy may vary based on your location, some states allow advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) to have full practice authority. Nurse practitioners (NPs) can assess patients, diagnose, and prescribe medications. The full extent to which an NP can practice varies by state. To become an NP, you must first be a registered nurse (RN) who has completed an undergraduate degree in nursing and then continue on to a grad school program – nurse practitioner school.

If you’re looking at nurse practitioner school, you’ve obviously come a long way to get here. Still, many people get a major shock when they get to grad school. Because grad school is more research-oriented, you’ll need to know and understand the material at a much deeper level. It’s no longer about passing that test or writing that essay, but consistently engaging in in-depth discussions and being able to pose thought-provoking questions. Therefore, it’s even more important to come to classes prepared.

It’s best to start the year on a good note. Taking the time to really get organized before the year starts can be what keeps you from starting off on the wrong foot. Here are some tips for making the switch from undergrad to grad school and general tips about preparing for nurse practitioner school.

Feel free to join me in this video that I shot while preparing for my fifth semester of grad school. I show you how I like to get organized and what kind of school supplies I like to use.

Good luck and have a great semester! Remember, you’ll get through it!

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