How To Handle Rejection And Overcome The Fear Of Being Rejected

Every individual has gone through rejection at a particular period in their life. Whether it is about work, opportunity, or related to love, it can indeed hurt you and can acquire some time to recover from it. However, do not allow your fear of rejection to hold you back from taking risks and achieving higher goals. Here are several beneficial tips that can help you handle and overcome that sense of fear and mindset. 

Let Yourself Process The Hurt And Feel The Emotion

It is significant to allow yourself to acknowledge the hurt and emotional pain you are experiencing. It can help if you stop pretending that you are okay even though you are not. According to Dr. Pam Garcy, “accept the fact that you’re a human being with emotions and allow time to feel what you’re feeling.” If you continue to sugarcoat what you feel, it can worsen the situation rather than fixing it.

Give yourself the time to listen to your inner voice that modifies what you genuinely feel. Permit that voice to speak for the emotional scars because the more you ignore it, the more it tugs you in the dark. Express and let them all out to reduce the intensity of the baggage or hurt.

Reassess The Meaning You Bind With Rejection

Reassessing what is the meaning behind your fear of rejection can aid you in addressing that particular self-trouble. Perhaps, you are afraid of getting rejected because you lose your self-confidence and feel burdened. Realizing your reasons is a helpful avenue to create your recovery strategy.

Furthermore, outlining several things that cause your worry over rejections can also make you understand yourself more. It helps you in recognizing your emotional strengths and weaknesses.

Remember That Everyone Experiences Rejection

From Brian Jones, “rejection is a pretty universal experience, and fear of rejection is very common.” You have to remember that every individual gets to experience the feeling of rejection, although the reasons may vary. People can feel rejection over big or small things, such as the following:

  • your friend is ignoring your messages about having a bonding time
  • your date rejects you
  • you did not receive an invitation to any parties with your colleagues
  • your partner leaves you for someone else
  • your boss turns down your proposal
  • your parents don’t hear your side of the story

We hope for something, yet we get to experience that odds are not in our favor at some point in time. It is best to remind yourself that being rejected is normal. It is something that typically happens in the course of life. You should note that it is not helpful if you linger on that feeling for too long and keep in mind that it’s a part of your growth as a person. 

Be With People Who Make You Feel Valued And Loved

If you conceal what you are feeling, they will find their way to explode somehow. In a situation wherein you feel down due to rejection, surround yourself with the right people who know your actual value. Unmasked your emotions and let it all out by talking with a family member, friend, or partner. 

Being able to feel that you have someone you can share your thoughts and emotions can release emotional pain. Venting out can permit you to begin figuring things out, such as what happened and what should be your next step to cope up with it. You can even ask your friend or family if they can give you advice regarding how to handle and overcome rejection from others. 

Establish Your Self-Esteem And Resiliency

At first, you can think negatively about being rejected. However, the feeling of rejection can somehow build your self-esteem. It boils down with how you are actively evaluating your behavior and foreseeing your recovery tactic in the case of failure. By forecasting how you can manage your thoughts and emotions, you get a firm sense of self-control when rejection hits you. It is like planning to lessen the impact of what’s supposed to happen.

You can write down your experiences, thoughts, and emotions while facing rejection. Through this technique, you can prepare yourself for what has to come and establish resiliency. Once you have managed to do that, invest in the aspect of restoring your energy and emotional strength.


Rejection is inevitable, and it can hurt you. However, fearing it can obstruct you from taking risks and growing as a person. From the words of Brian Jones, a therapist in Seattle, rejection is universal. Choose to look at this feeling as a means to improve yourself and obtain higher goals.


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