How to Deal With Negative People Who Just Aren’t Going Away

We all had toxic people in our lives. They are the kind of people that have a rain cloud hanging over them, with their negative energy affecting everyone around. Oftentimes, their negative attitude may drain you emotionally. You’d probably feel like that there’s little you can do about it. 

But that shouldn’t be the case. If you want to deal with a pessimistic person effectively, take action to protect your mindset. Take definite action using these six simple strategies to help them disarm their negativity and shield yourself from their hostility. 

1. Guard Your Time

Pessimistic people can easily monopolize your time – even when they’re not physically with you. You may have spent an hour dreading a 30-minute meeting with a negative person. Combine that with another hour venting all your frustrations to your co-worker, and you’ve just allotted that person two and a half hours of your precious time. 

Don’t allow pessimistic people to take over your time and energy. Instead of complaining about people you dislike, choose to start up a conversation that you enjoy. Similarly, rather than wasting your time thinking about people you don’t want to work with, turn on your playlist and listen to music that lessens your stress. Regain your positive energy by limiting the amount of time you allot for thinking, talking, and worrying about people you don’t like. 

2. Take a Break

Pause for a minute, breath, and give yourself a break from an encroaching negative person. After dealing with someone who mentally and emotionally drained you, you also need time to clear your head. Keep the negative person at a safe distance to avoid being too overwhelmed by their toxicity. 

For instance, you aren’t required to return a text or call immediately. When you’re too annoyed and frustrated with a difficult person, take a moment to collect your thoughts first. Talk to them later when you are calmer. Allow yourself to recharge your batteries, so when you deal with that negative person, you have enough patience and endurance to handle them with grace. 

3. Refocus Your Thoughts

Pessimism can easily affect our thoughts. For instance, you may be too distracted by your co-worker’s toxic attitude that you can’t contribute productively during your meeting. Instead of thinking about how to better improve your work, you spend more time thinking about how upset you’ll be if that person you dislike gets a promotion. 

You must pay attention to your thought changes when you’re dealing with negative people. Remember that the more time you waste fretting, dreading, and worrying, the less time you have to focus on more productive things. Make an effort to reduce the amount of mental energy you allot for negative people.

4. Temper Your Emotional Response

If we don’t guard ourselves, negative people can easily raise our blood pressure. A normally calm and professional person may end up yelling when he can’t take one more second of negativity. Even an optimist, when surrounded by pessimist co-workers for hours, may find himself convincing others that the company is doomed. 

Sometimes it might be tempting to let yourself slide into frustration or anger, but save yourself the trouble. Acting angrily only gives them more power. Commit to controlling your emotional response and listen. Eventually, they’ll realize that you won’t give the reaction they seek, and they’ll rant their negative energy elsewhere. Tempering your behavior can be difficult, but it is the key to having inner peace.  

5. Try to Take Charge of the Conversation

When you suspect that your conversation is going to turn for the negative, take the initiative to change to a more positive subject. Of course, you need to do this without disregarding what the other person said. You can use a method called appreciative inquiry, which is a way of asking questions to arrive in a more positive outlook. Reframing the negative conversation helps you and that person focus on achieving a positive mindset.

6. Focus on Solutions, Not Problems

There are times that even changing the subject may not be an option. You may have a hard time knowing exactly what to say. But that doesn’t mean you will allow yourself to be consumed by negative people. Aim to personify positivity. Affirm your positivity by doing nice things on occasions. Complement negative people when they do something well. These don’t have to be huge, but doing nice things will help both of you feel good and affirm a positive mindset. 

Some people are really hard to please. They have a toxic mindset, which isn’t good for you. But you can always say no to unnecessary troubles. You have the freedom to decide for yourself that you’re not going to allow negative people to determine how you feel, think, and behave. Recharge your power and focus your energy and time on becoming your best self. 


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