How To Cope With Racial Discrimination

Racism has always been a societal issue that many experiences up to this day. Unfortunately, there are numerous negative impacts on a person’s self-esteem, mental health, and relationships. If you are a victim of racial discrimination, know that there are many ways you can pull yourself out of the situation and lead a better life.

The Consequences Of Racism

Discrimination comes in major and minor forms. It could be others not choosing to team up with you because of your race, or giving out unfiltered comments regarding their opinions. Whatever form, racism always has several effects on the people involved. Here are some examples:

  • A feeling of anxiousness, frustration, helplessness, and fear.
  • They are pressured to prove themselves worthy to change the oppressor’s opinion.
  • Overly stressed and caught up about how others would think about them.
  • Feeling confused and unloved, with thoughts of blaming themselves or their ethnicity for the unfair treatment.
  • Gives up quickly and may end up quitting school or resigning from their work.
10 Ways You Can Cope With Racial Discrimination

If you are experiencing racism or knowing anyone going through the same ordeal, remember that you can go through it in a healthy and positive mindset.

1. Talk To A Person You Trust

If you have a best friend or confidant that you can show your vulnerable side to all the time, contact them and voice out your feelings. Releasing your emotions to a person who understands you entirely makes you feel better and more understood overall.

2. Join Support Groups

Seeing others go through the same thing makes you feel more confident and hopeful that you’re not alone in what’s happening. Support groups not only open your eyes to the issues that are rampant in society, but it also gives you a sense of security and protection.

3. Don’t Dwell On The Situation

As hard as it seems, not dwelling on the incident can do wonders for your mental health. First, you need to learn how to let things go and understand that thinking about why they did it will only consume your thoughts and cripple your mind.

4. Focus On Your Spirituality

Whatever religion, beliefs, or principles you have, choose to focus on them to help you get through the discrimination you’re experiencing. Sit down in prayer and start meditation to help you relax or do rituals and procedures that can calm your mind and soul.

5. Consult A Professional

If the racism gets too much to bear, and you can’t control the constant thoughts and emotional turmoil, it might be time to consult a professional. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a therapist because remember that you should be prioritizing your health and wellness always.

6. Find Ways To Release Your Emotions

In the same way as venting out your emotions to a trusted person, there are other ways that you can release what you feel. It can be through dancing, writing, singing, or drawing. This method works primarily for individuals who have difficulties in expressing themselves through talking.

7. Reestablish Self Confidence

Self-confidence is one of the many ways you can help yourself ignore the racism that’s happening. Once you establish that you are loved and valuable, you also build up your self-esteem, and when that happens, you no longer become affected by what anyone is saying.

8. Become Active And Exercise More

Engaging in different activities or workouts and working up a sweat not only makes you feel good about yourself but also increases the levels of your happy hormones. This strategy, paired with a positive mindset, can be a big step towards redeeming yourself from the negativity of discrimination.

9. Create A Vision Board

A vision board consists of your plans and future goals. It serves as a reminder of what you want to do and how you’re going to put everything into action. If you want to end racism and discrimination, you can put up pictures of known personalities who fought for equality or could print out famous quotes and sayings that touch on different societal issues. This vision board keeps you inspired and willing to fight for your beliefs.

10. Raise Awareness

Whether you decide to write a blog, put up flyers, submit an article, create drawings, or join a peaceful protest, raising awareness creates bravery and hope. Seeing others fight with you against racial discrimination, strengthens your views, and uplifts your spirit overall.


Racism is never an acceptable thing. It can drastically change lives, destroy beliefs, and hurt many people. If you are going through racial discrimination, always remember that you are valued, loved, and relevant. Keep your head up high and continue to raise awareness to put an end to inequality and prejudice.


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