How to Cope With Being Ghosted

Being ghosted is never fun. Whether it happened gradually or suddenly, most of the time, it’s never about you. You just got involved with a person emotionally unstable and immature that they can’t face you and be honest with you. Although it’s not always easy and takes a considerable chunk of time, there are still things you can do to feel better and to cope up once you’ve been ghosted. 

Why Do People Ghost?

There are several reasons people ghost, and most of the time, they avoid an uncomfortable situation. It is their way of handling their inability to communicate thus, ghosting other people instead of facing them. People who ghost would admit that they don’t want to hurt the other person, but they don’t know what to do. 

Frequently, they think that avoiding the situation or ghosting is the best way. Today, it became a common way for people to get out of a relationship. It has become common that most people do it without thinking about how it will affect them. 

How to Cope When You’ve Been Ghosted

Whether it’s the person you’re dating or a friend, it’s awful being ghosted. It may take some time, but the best thing you can do for yourself is closure. Remember that losing someone who ghosted you is better than being with someone who doesn’t respect you enough to face the situation. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to overcome the feeling of being ghosted. 

  1. Acknowledge The Pain

It is acknowledging that being ghosted hurts is the first step in coping up. It hurts because you hope that your relationship with this person will progress as time goes by, or you feel misled. These possibilities may cause more damage to your feelings more than the loss of the person, and it’s okay. It’s okay to feel things and admit to yourself that it still hurts. 

  1. Avoid Blaming Yourself 

Always remember that being ghosted is never about yourself. It speaks more of them than of you. Although it’s hard not to feel embarrassment or shame when you’ve been ghosted, this is the time to be kind to yourself. It would help if you did not blame yourself for someone who ghosted you—being ghosted means that the other person is cowardly enough to tell you the truth. 

  1. Talk To Someone About It 

Talking to someone about it helps in shifting any negative thoughts. May it be a family member, a friend, a therapist, it will help to invalidate your feelings. Also, talk therapy works because it allows people to learn about themselves more deeply and broadly. Experts say that once we share our feelings with another person, it helps us process painful experiences. 

  1. Take Care Of Yourself 

If you want to move forward, you must give yourself some compassion and care. Spend time with your family and friends. Or you can enjoy a new activity like taking yoga classes. Also, exercising can be an excellent way to take care of yourself and avoid negative thoughts. On top of that, eating and getting enough sleep helps in overcoming psychic pain. 

  1. Avoid Reaching Out To The Person Again 

The closure is the best thing you can give yourself, and ultimately stopping your connection with the person helps. Avoid reaching out again because no matter their reason, they’ll get in touch if they want. When you’ve been ghosted, it is already a closure, although just the disrespectful one. It should be clear to you that being ghosted means, they don’t want anything from you anymore. And it should be enough to avoid contacting them again. 

  1. Move On

No matter what happens next, you will always feel better when you let it go and move on. Remember that you can only move on when you allow yourself and at your own time. Look at the brighter side and remind yourself that you can have a better relationship with the next person, so you must not be upset over the person who ghosted you. This person will only be a distant memory. 


Being ghosted will hurt, but there are several ways you can do to overcome the feeling. And although ghosting became common nowadays, it speaks more of ghosting than the person being ghosted. So avoid blaming yourself and give yourself the care you want others to do for you. Reaching out helps too, and remember that being ghosted doesn’t define you. 


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