How The Past And The Future Can Rob You Of The Present

There are times that a past mistake can hold you back from taking opportunities. Overthinking about what the future can offer can also ruin the present you are doing and create a stream of negative thoughts. Overthinking about the past and the end can rob the gift, and here’s how.

Getting Stuck in the Past Won’t Help

Sometimes in life, you get to a stage where you’re stuck in your past moments. Perhaps you’re looking back on a time when you were happy. You think life is more straightforward, healthier, and you want to hang on to those moments and emotions. Although it’s good to remember your roots and reminisce on the good days, dwelling in them for too long can be unhealthy

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience before, and you keep replaying it in your head, trying to understand it. Learn from the past and find ways to do better but don’t live in the past as if you can never change. 

It is possible to change and use those negative experiences you had for learning and apply them to future experiences, regardless of how painful they are. Take the time to think about the experience and see if it will potentially support you down the road.

Overthinking Hinders Your Happiness

Overthinking is a troublesome behavior that can be detrimental to our mental health and well-being. All of the memories, emotions, and feelings contained in our brains are intertwined together. Whether we reflect on the mistakes we’ve made, or excessively regret anything, or worry about what tomorrow will be like can be exhausting to overthink.

When overthinking becomes a part of your daily routine, it will try to control your actions and behavior towards many situations. Overthinking things can cost you your happiness and continue to feed on your negative emotions.

Expectations Ruin the Moment

Humans tend to place their hopes on satisfying desires for happiness. By itself, there is nothing unusual with this, as long as we have reasonable reasons to assume that reaching an expectation will make us happy, and we take the steps required to satisfy those expectations.

The dilemma of expectation arises whenever we expect something to happen without any reason at all. Many people have falsely assumed at some stage that asking other individuals to behave the way they want would happen. This expectation ruins a lot of things for others. Expectations can destroy relationships, friendships, and even happiness.

What Would Happen Next – Might Not Happen

Sometimes people tend to push themselves that a particular event will indeed happen in the future. However, as much as we think of it, not everything goes our way, even if we want to. And sometimes, what we expect would happen next does not occur. Thinking about what would happen next isn’t necessarily called ‘preparing oneself.’ It can get unhealthy if you think about it too much.

There can be a time that you’d drop an opportunity just because you think that you wouldn’t handle it in the future. This mistake robs the present you of the options you can do, but you refuse to because you’re afraid of what would happen in the future.

Pace Yourself and Find Your Balance

Train yourself to recognize when you’re overthinking so you can learn when to release unnecessary thoughts. Then turn your focus to whatever the current you are doing. You should build a different relationship with your feelings rather than attempting to solve problems by overthinking.

Create a list of what you are thankful for that you currently have and think about how much you’ve gone through to be where you are now. Everybody experiences overthink in some way. But what you can do is at least stop some of the negative and stressful thinking and turn it into something useful and efficient if you have a proper mindset that can deal with it.

It brings insight and harmony into the mind as our consciousness is at an equal distance from past and future ideas.

It becomes easier to shed the dead weight of ‘what was’ and the importance of ‘what may come’ when our attention is on ‘what is,’ as we reach the past. Being aware of our thoughts will act as a support system that keeps us from drifting afar and drowning in the past and future ideas.


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