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The Importance Of Therapy

Nowadays, there are numerous methods of treatment and therapies, thanks to technological advancements in the medical field. However, psychotherapy is still one of the most effective ways known because of the emotional and mental support it gives its patients. Mental health problems are an underrated issue that only psychotherapy can address. Psychotherapy and What It… Continue reading The Importance Of Therapy

Staying Mentally Fit During Finals Week: A How-To Guide

In my undergraduate days at West Alabama, few days were more stressful than the last week of school. Being a nursing student, these days were often spent pulling all-nighters in the library or waiting for my roommates to finish playing NBA 2K so I could get a quiet dorm to myself to “get in the… Continue reading Staying Mentally Fit During Finals Week: A How-To Guide

How Difficult Is Nursing School?

There are many reasons to consider becoming a nurse. It’s a job that is always in demand. You can start working straight after finishing your degree. The pay can be good. You will be helping people for a living. The job can be extremely varied – from working in a fast-paced emergency room to being… Continue reading How Difficult Is Nursing School?