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Powerful Ideas That Will Change the Way You Work

Is your life being disrupted when you resent your work? There appears to be an increase in people who dread working, hate their work, and are eager to change jobs. And when things are beyond your reach, you don’t have to be miserable at work. It’s the aspects you have power over that can make you more efficient at work.

Although it’s easy to jump to conclusions about ourselves, we must value the work we have and the positive impact. We can feel excited if we are passionate about our daily activities to make an energy to workout our career.

Good Signs You’re in the Right Relationship

Everyone’s current actions, and also our past relationships, have an impact on our current relationships. People’s choices influence the strength of our relationship and also the level of happiness they will achieve. How are you supposed to know if someone is right for you when there is so much choice?

How to Cope With Being Ghosted

Being ghosted is never fun. Whether it happened gradually or suddenly, most of the time, it’s never about you. You just got involved with a person emotionally unstable and immature that they can’t face you and be honest with you. Although it’s not always easy and takes a considerable chunk of time, there are still things you can do to feel better and to cope up once you’ve been ghosted.

Being ghosted will hurt, but there are several ways you can do to overcome the feeling. And although ghosting became common nowadays, it speaks more of ghosting than the person being ghosted. So avoid blaming yourself and give yourself the care you want others to do for you. Reaching out helps too, and remember that being ghosted doesn’t define you.

How to Deal with BPD and Shame

People seldom discuss any topics that deal with mental illnesses and personality disorders. They are considered sensitive topics as they might trigger people’s deep memories and experiences they want to forget. There are different personality disorders, and two of those are coined as Borderline Personality Disorder and Shame.

Wanting to learn how to deal and cope with BPD and shame is a step toward self-love. It is important to share the thoughts of someone struggling with these kinds of personality disorders to avoid thinking self-harm or any suicidal thoughts. Try to talk with therapists and other qualified mental health professionals to overcome this.

What is the Difference Between Panic Attacks and Anxiety Attacks?

Increased heart palpitations, chest tightening, and increasing distress are fearful symptoms that people mostly associated with panic and anxiety attacks. However, very few individuals can distinguish the differences between a panic attack and an anxiety attack.

Panic attacks and anxiety attacks are different, although they may share similar symptoms, risk factors, and causes. In terms of onset, panic attacks are severe, extreme, abrupt, and subsides quickly. Anxiety attacks occur in a gradual onset that can last for weeks to months.

How To Get Rid Of Fear
And Build Courage

Everybody encounters fear now and then. You may be hesitant to go up against somebody, borrow cash to develop your business, or acquaint yourself with somebody you appreciate. We as a whole have snapshots of fear, yet not many of us consider those to be favorable circumstances.

Try not to be reluctant to push your limits. Try not to avoid attempting new things. Try not to quit troublesome challenges. It results in breaking your boundaries and acknowledging what illuminates your dreams.

How To Take Care Of Your Mental Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy produces a mix of emotions, but they are not all positive. Worrying is normal, especially during the first pregnancy of a woman or an unplanned one. If you are battling with anxiety or depression, you have to take more cautious methods in taking care of your mental health.

Mothers who are nervous, depressed, or have another condition may not receive the medical attention they need. They do not take care of themselves during pregnancy and tend to use drugs and alcohol. All these things can be harmful to a developing infant. Therefore, taking care of your mental health during pregnancy is essential.

Why Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back In Life & What To Do About It

Have you ever wondered why you were likely to be more fearless and curious back when you were a child compared to today? Growing up also gives you an unending list of what you must say, what you should do, and how you should be. Although you need to abide by the rules, you must not hold back yourself from living a fulfilling life.

You might have been underestimating the effects of your limiting beliefs for a while now. However, please do not wait for these thoughts to eat you whole and start contemplating how to get rid of them. It’s time to up your game and learn what you can do about it.

Unexpected Ways You Can Build Your Confidence

According to the University of Florida Counseling Center, confidence, or self-confidence, is the state of accepting your strengths and weaknesses. It is also the state of trusting yourself and having a positive view of yourself. Not all people have high self-confidence due to many underlying reasons.

Some say confidence is the secret to success, and others proclaimed that it’s the way to have a happy life. Both are true because if you have self-confidence, everything will fall in place. Don’t listen to your inner saboteur and simply follow the habits mentioned so you’ll have a beautiful life.

The Most Important Lessons We Can Take From This Pandemic

We have faced many changes for the past several months, and it’s likely not going back to normal entirely soon. Although this pandemic gave us a confusing and challenging time, it also undoubtedly brought us some lessons and a new perspective.

The bottom line is that the situation helps you reprioritize your life purpose and time, hopefully. We hope that you carry out these important lessons as you move forward with more resiliency. Use these trying times to grow in ways you never did before.

How The Past And The Future Can Rob You Of The Present

There are times that a past mistake can hold you back from taking opportunities. Overthinking about what the future can offer can also ruin the present you are doing and create a stream of negative thoughts. Overthinking about the past and the end can rob the gift, and here’s how.

Sometimes in life, you get to a stage where you’re stuck in your past moments. Perhaps you’re looking back on a time when you were happy. You think life is more straightforward, healthier, and you want to hang on to those moments and emotions. Although it’s good to remember your roots and reminisce on the good days, dwelling in them for too long can be unhealthy

How To Audit Your Life By Asking The Right Questions

You should be grateful for life audits! On the off chance that you stand by until something is profoundly off-base to transform you, you will have considerable changes to make. However, if you routinely survey your life, you need to roll out little improvements to refocus.

The last advance in a decent life review is summing up your bits of knowledge. To do this, search for common themes and try to get a picture of how your life is currently playing. Having this life review rundown will help you settle on choices about the thing that is increasing a mind-blowing value, what you can relinquish, and what moves you need to make straight away.

How To Stop Running From, Neglecting, And Betraying Yourself

As said by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus, everything changes. Everything around us changes, and even we change. However, some of us refuse to change, which leads them to neglect and betraying themselves.

The bond with one’s self is the most crucial relationship in your whole life. You need to take care of yourself, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. You can do this by accepting and loving yourself. It is very challenging, but everything will fall into place once you start.

The Art of Self-Soothing: How To Make Resilience More Sustainable

Ask any successful person on Earth what their secret is, and almost all will agree on one thing: resilience. No journey is ever straightforward; after all, they say that the most incredible things never come quickly. It makes resilience in the face of tribulation an essential skill to master in all aspects of one’s life.

Don’t hesitate to talk to someone, especially if you’re in the beginning stages of the self-soothing process. Sometimes all you need is a new and fresh perspective.

Morning Mindfulness Practices to Help You Have an Awesome Day

As per a JAMA Internal Medicine study, meditation practices improve stress-related problems, like anxiety, depression, and sleeping disorders.

Stop rushing out the door without even thinking about what you want to do today. Practicing mindfulness exercises for just a few minutes at different times within a day helps your days become better than ever and more. Ultimately, it lets you become in sync with how you want your day to be.

Reasons Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work For You

What number of New Year’s goals have you made since you could remember? How many have you effectively cultivated? Under 10% of New Year’s goals are accomplished – according to John C. Norcross, Ph.D. From the University of Scranton.

If you’ve neglected to meet your resolutions in the past years, think about why it happened. Then, move toward things differently in the new decade.

My Top 10 Most Viewed
TikTok Videos of 2020

Everybody loves TikTok, especially kids and teenagers. Most adults struggle to understand the point of anything in this cyberculture. But for Generation Z, it is a way to communicate and interact with others worldwide.

TikTok is a popular social media platform today. Many people use it to spread awareness and positivity, just like Dr. Kojo Sarfo.

Learning About Dissociation

Many people experience moments where they felt utterly spaced out. People often feel disconnected from themselves and the world around them. In some instances, they may feel detached from their bodies or feel as if the world around them is imaginary. It is a reminder that experiencing Dissociation is different from one another.

Despite being a complicated and frustrating condition for individuals with Dissociation, it is a reminder that dissociating is a natural response of the brain and can work as an exceptional process for surviving traumatic experiences.

How Not To Take Things Personally

When people disrespect or disregard you and your opinions, it is only natural to take their behaviors and actions personally. When things like that happen, it is easy to blame yourself and think that other people’s behaviors are your fault.

It is important to remember that taking things personally is draining and an unnecessary reevaluation of your self-esteem. When you do not take things personally, you have more control over your energy level and, more importantly, your emotions.

What To Do When You Feel Unappreciated

Not being valued won’t ruin your life or destroy you, but it affects you in so many ways. What began as a small indifference will eventually turn into feelings of rage, unhappiness, or frustration.

You should begin by evaluating yourself if you’re feeling underappreciated. Understand that feeling unappreciated doesn’t mean the people around you do not respect you. They may not see the trends in their conduct, and they may not understand how you feel affected by their actions. To have a more positive outlook on life, you have to do things for yourself.

How To Cope With Stress During The Holiday Season In A Pandemic

Holidays can be a joyful season, but as per the study by NAMI, it is not the case for 64% of people with mental illness. For individuals coping with stress and other mental health challenges, the holiday season might bring loneliness, anxiety, or depression to them, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. In this article, know how to cope with stress during the holiday season in a pandemic.

Although we have all had a tough year, we can always figure out new ways of living. Stop beating yourself up over things that you cannot control. Don’t wait for your condition to get out of control, and seek mental health advice from professionals.

Reasons Why You Need A Digital Detox

Digital detox refers to when a person abstains from using Internet-connected electronic devices such as smartphones and computers. A digital detox is a chance to decrease stress and reflect more on contact with others. It will help you achieve a healthy balance between our activities in real life and the digital world if done regularly. Here are the reasons why you need a digital detox.

Restricting your screen time is essential to protect your health and well-being. Your whole well-being can benefit from detaching from your devices, but doing a digital detox does not have to involve a complete separation from your phone and other technology connections.

Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Worthless

People feel worthless or suffer from imposters syndrome for numerous reasons. Irrespective of why you feel like you are unworthy, it’s essential to overcome the feeling so you can move forward to the next thing in your life or career. While you are working towards feeling worthy again, here are five things to keep in mind when the feeling of worthlessness sets in.

Unlike what many people want you to think, there is nothing wrong with how you feel, so don’t judge yourself for it. The feeling of worthlessness is sometimes the stepping stone for your next substantial move, so don’t waste the time wallowing. .

How Do You Know What Type Of Therapy Is Best For You?

As we recognize the benefits of undergoing therapies, being uncertain of the right treatment is a common challenge. Various types of treatment ought to align with our needs. Meaning, not every alternative would work for an individual since people have varying natures.

Talking to a mental health professional is essential to uncover repressed thoughts and to overcome past traumas. However, there are varying types of approaches in the field, and whatever you need, there is something that completely fits your outlook. Recognizing you need to help yourself is a significant step towards a fulfilling life.

Tips To Stay Balanced And Happy Even When You’re Stressed and Busy

What does it mean to have a balanced and happy lifestyle despite being busy? It may sound unconvincing, but the recent survey result in 2020 by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that 24% of employed persons working at home spend 3.3 hours, while 82 percent of employed persons work at their workplace for 7.9 hours. In a society that always moves around, here are some ways to unwind during hectic days.

Maintaining a balanced and happy life while always running around for tasks is a daunting challenge, but it makes you wiser and more formidable than ever. What matters is that you do not let yourself get overwhelmed by your surroundings and avoid being distracted by your priorities.

Ways to Tell If Someone Is Gaslighting You

Being gaslighted is a traumatic experience. However, most times, the person does not know they are being gaslit. If someone you know repeatedly tells you statements that question your memory or perception, that person might be gaslighting you. With this, it is especially helpful to see the warning signs of gaslighting.

Gaslighting is a traumatic event that can scar someone for the rest of their life. However, know that it is not impossible to break free from your abuser. If you or someone you know is a victim of gaslighting, immediately seek help.

Tips to Maximize Productivity When You Have ADHD

Having ADHD makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors, but it does not kill productivity. Although it can be hard to concentrate, a study has proven that there are people with ADHD who became successful in their professions. If you have the same sentiments, worry less as there are various tips on maximizing productivity and reducing procrastination.

Getting diagnosed with ADHD is not the end of life. It is a matter of a person’s willingness to use this condition to his advantage and cope with this world full of distractions. Utilize today’s technological advancements and pair them with your dedication to living better.

How to Excel at Work with a Mental Health Condition

Once a social taboo, mental health and mental health conditions were concealed by employees for fear of rejection, discrimination, and unequal treatment from work.

Nowadays, mental health promotion has been highlighted by companies in their culture, seeing its impact on one’s productivity, motivation, and retention. Along with social media and awareness programs, employees are conditioned that a mental condition is acceptable and manageable and can contribute to excellent work performance.

Things You Didn’t Know About Dating With Depression

Depression is a real illness. And if you’re someone who’s struggling from it, there are high chances of mixed disturbances and unanswered questions. But how’s it like to be in a relationship while you’re under medication? Every experience of a person is unique, but here is some common encounter you might anticipate. Recognizing the following would allow you to understand and recover from it.

Depressed individuals are capable of things. And the core of the relationship should matter, including faithfulness and good balance. Treating others the right way is necessary. You would get the attention you earn. Additional support and erasing stigma are some of the solutions in establishing a strong and lasting bond.

In-Person versus Online Nursing Practitioner (NP) School: Choosing The Best Learning Method For You

There are two learning methods to decide on pursuing a Nurse Practitioner school. First and foremost, you must assess whether you learn best online or in-person. The most significant distinction between the programs is flexibility. However, no matter what type of method you choose in pursuing the nursing practitioner career, it will take 3-4 years to earn the Nursing Practitioner degree.

Picking The Right Nurse Practitioner School For You

Many particular programs for nurse practitioners go from a psychiatric nurse practitioner to acute care pediatrics. The exercise in this is that whatever forte you are keen on, there might be a program that appears to be spot on for you. Some nursing understudies feel like family, or grown-up gerontology NP alternatives are the main ones accessible while looking through on the web. This isn’t always the situation. Permit yourself an opportunity to look entirely for the program you aim to have.

Why Don’t More Men Ask for Help?

With a society based on distinction and independence, it might seem odd to expect men to look for ways to ask for help and receive the support they need. An authorized survey by the Mental Health Foundation discovered a third of women than a quarter of men had spoken to their family or friends regarding their mental health issues, which means that men are less likely to seek professional assistance and disclose their problems.

Things People With Depression Want You to Know

Based on statistics by the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimate of 17.3 million adults in the united states have experienced at least one major depressive episode. Living with depression is tough, especially when you are around people that do not understand your symptoms. So, as a friend or relative to someone suffering from depression, educating yourself to understand them is crucial. Here are nine things people with depression want you to know to understand them better.

Signs You’re Emotionally Burnt Out

It’s not being dramatic, but life circumstances may lead to emotional burnout or exhaustion. With the tons of tasks in your home, workplace, or school, you may feel that inner battle. There could be a time that you no longer know what phase you’re at and start declining from your usual tasks. Do you want to know if you’re emotionally burnt out? Check this article to know better so you can take the right actions for it.

How to Stop Being Too Hard On Yourself

Sometimes, we don’t realize we’re putting too much pressure on ourselves until we experience emotional and physical distress. However, it’s not easy to end self-criticisms and harsh generalizations. So here are some ways to learn how to be kind to yourself.

Being too hard on ourselves affects our overall relationship with others. It hinders us from recovering from the past as well as thriving opportunities in present times.

Ways People Around the World Can Support Nigeria’s #EndSARS Protests

The increasing reports of violence against peaceful protests have caught the attention of different countries around the world. Here’s what you can do to support the movement in ending police brutality brought by the forces of Nigeria’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Despite the miles of involvement, diversity, and influence, the world needs solidarity to discontinue the injustices occurring in the state of Nigeria. The online rage, people in the streets, and repeated calls for action would impact the community since it establishes power and awareness.

How to Deal with Abusive Family

Living with misuse is hard. Children and youngsters in unfavorable circumstances experience a lot of pressure each day. They may feel caught or like there’s no place to turn. It may be difficult for them to know the people they deem trustworthy.

If things have been harsh at home for quite a while, you may have gotten accustomed to it. The maltreatment may feel practically ordinary — you acknowledge it as merely one more aspect of your day. This can be a method of adapting — on the off chance that you recognize the maltreatment as ordinary, it feels less upsetting. In any case, where it counts, you realize that what’s going on isn’t right.

How to Take Care of Yourself When You Have Depression

Doubting on yourself and losing interest in doing your hobbies are just two of the symptoms of a depressed person. Losing hope on yourself and feeling drained will make it hard for you to take care of yourself. However, self-care is the best way to get out of depression. By taking care of yourself, your physical, mental, and psychological health—your well-being—will be at its best state.

Depression is a severe mental illness that needs enough self-care to conquer. Doing the things stated above will not instantly take away your depression. It is a long and complicated process, which you can overcome with willpower alone.

How To Help A Friend When They Are Lonely

All people feel lonely occasionally, and this feeling is unique to every individual as it is personal. So when you have a friend who feels lonely, you tend to get confused about the right thing to do to help. This guide will help you understand loneliness and what to do to support a friend in this circumstance.

It’s easy for someone to give encouragement and pieces of advice to someone who’s lonely. But it may not be easy for the sufferer just to accept all of that and moved on.

How To Stop Binge Eating

The way you’ve noticed there may be an issue and that you’re perusing this article is an excellent sign that you’re prepared to grasp more good dietary patterns! What’s more, with the methods below, you’ll be well prepared to handle binge-eating. These strategies are entirely demonstrated to be compelling in breaking the voraciously consuming food cycle.

How To Help a Parent with Mental Health Issues

Regardless of whether your mom or dad has been determined to have psychological maladjustment, or you suspect they have an emotional wellness condition, it’s not unexpected to have a great deal of confounding sentiments about it.

Comprehension and discussing your parent’s dysfunctional behavior are ways you can provide help to your loved one while likewise managing any shame their disease makes.

What To Do If You Can’t Afford Therapy

Though some people won’t admit it, once in a while, we all need someone to get inside our heads and figure out what pipes are broken and need to be fixed when we can’t. Unfortunately, the cost of therapy makes this vital medical emergency inaccessible to a lot of people.

Getting therapy isn’t a privilege; it’s the equivalent to investing in oneself, one’s health, and the future. As such, setbacks like lack of insurance of financial strength shouldn’t be hindrances to getting the help one needs.

Mental Health America Facebook Live - Men’s Health

Hey all, Here is the Facebook Live session hosted by Mental Health America, in case you missed it

How to Stop Feeling Like Everyone is Judging You

There are moments when we feel conscious about ourselves, especially how people perceive our capabilities, actions, feelings, and overall character. Most of the time, there is a constant troubling fear that everyone you came across is judging you—and we want to break free from these kinds of thoughts.

You are not alone. Most people experienced the overwhelming fear of being judged. And one must learn to acknowledge the feeling to resist the general apprehension.

How to Stop Endless
Scrolling on Social Media

A study of dscout found out that most of us tap on our phones 2,617 times a day. If you’re a heavy phone user, you probably tap, swipe, or click on it 5,427 times. The study was conducted in 2016, and if it were done today, the statistics would yield a much higher number. With this knowledge, we ask ourselves, “why are we addicted to scrolling through our social media?”

In conclusion, take ample time off your phone screens by deleting some apps and keeping your phone out of sight. Although technology has gifted us with many benefits, it also made us hostages by getting us hooked. Life is more than the four corners of your mobile phones. Take time to relish every moment and look at the bigger picture.

Want to See a Therapist But Don’t Know Where to Start?

Seeing a therapist for the time may be challenging. If you want to do the right step in finding the best mental health practitioner for you, you can get relevant ideas in this article. Keep reading to know more.

These are the things you have to know if you want to see a therapist. Do not delay looking for the best one because of mental health matters for your well-being.

What To Do When No
One Understands You

At some point in everyone’s lives, they have felt that others had not understood them, and it is quite an upsetting situation. It is a reasonable reaction to be disturbed since, as humans, one of our fundamental needs is to be understood and feel that you belong.

However, it is also best to consider that individuals around you don’t have access to your mind, so you can’t expect that they visualize the world the same as you. Here are several ways you can do to feel better when you think that no one understands you.

How Healthcare Workers Can Take Care Of Themselves And Support Each Other

Nowadays, especially during the coronavirus crisis, it is crucial for healthcare professionals to give their emotional lives the necessary attention to maintain effectiveness in their field and healthy relationships with themselves. Because they work with so much emotional intelligence, various research suggests that several outcomes include less physician burnout, increased patient satisfaction, and inducing trust among patients.

Taking the time to reflect on your emotional decisions will give you a peaceful mind in handling stressful situations.

Why You Shouldn’t Be
Afraid To Ask For Help

Some people think that to improve yourself; you need to do all the work alone. However, it is best to consider that asking for help has a significant role in building relationships with the individuals around you. It may be something that you are struggling to do at first, but you will eventually realize how others are willing to assist you.

Based on studies, people are willing to help and extend their assistance to anyone who needs it. All you need to do is build your courage, reach out, and ask. Remember that there is nothing wrong with seeking help as long as it is under appropriate conditions, so don’t be afraid to voice out. Let others know your story, and you might be surprised at how things can be more light and fantastic if you are not scared of asking.

How to Forge Your Own Path When You Feel Left Behind

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions, and sometimes we may find ourselves feeling low and doubting our abilities and our journey. Life may feel like it’s on a standstill, and all your academic, career and social achievements feel insufficient, sending you down a dark hole of depression and uncontrollable anxiety.

In the words of Sven Goran Eriksson, “To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” So go out and live on your lane and don’t let anyone else make you feel any less for the race you’re on; it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

How To Handle Rejection And Overcome The Fear Of Being Rejected

Every individual has gone through rejection at a particular period in their life. Whether it is about work, opportunity, or related to love, it can indeed hurt you and can acquire some time to recover from it. Here are several beneficial tips that can help you handle and overcome that sense of fear and mindset.

Rejection is inevitable, and it can hurt you. However, fearing it can obstruct you from taking risks and growing as a person. From the words of Brian Jones, a therapist in Seattle, rejection is universal. Choose to look at this feeling as a means to improve yourself and obtain higher goals.

How Students Can Maintain Their Mental Health While Engaging in Online Learning

It is impossible to avoid the impending effects of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic to everyone. One of these impacts includes the abrupt migration of educational systems to online platforms which has been stressful to many students worldwide. Online learning has placed a strain on the mental health of people, but there are ways to cope with this and maintain a healthy mind.

Why Having A Pet Is Good For Your Mental Health

Throughout the history of humankind, pets have been companions and even became helpers for various purposes. Recent studies show that owning pets provides more to the mind that just the essential warmth of their companionship. Caring for these fellow sentient beings can work as therapy for human beings’ mental health.

Owning a pet may just be a simple hobby or interest, but its lasting effects on mental health are documented and proven by science. The disconnection between people, gravitated by the pandemic, is a stressor in itself. Therefore, having a pet must not be viewed as a liability; it may become better in the years to come.

Avoid Burnout Before You’re Already Burned Out

Burnout is a point of being emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted due to prolonged stress. From this definition, everyone has probably felt burned out at some point in their lives, especially college students and working adults. According to data from the world health organization, burnout is a common occupational phenomenon, which means stress from work is a leading cause of burnout.

There isn’t much you can do about people’s emotions and how they act, but you can help yourself by focusing on what you can do. There will always be situations of powerlessness, and trying to fix them causes burn out fast. So, try applying the elements of this list, and hopefully, you will feel better at home and work.

Signs Of A Toxic Relationship and How To Deal With It

Our minds are shaped by affection and flourish within social situations and connections. From our initial relationships, we develop bonds that help wire our brains as we become attached to our connections. As such, because humans are hard-wired for love and relationships, you must engage in healthy love patterns that won’t harm your emotional and mental health.

We live in a world that idolizes love to the point where instagrammable “couple goals” matters more than having a healthy connection with someone. If you feel your relationship is taking a toll on your health, you may need to reassess where you lie and decide whether your love can survive the gaslighting and power struggle.

How To Trick Your Brain To Like Doing Hard Things

There are days that you seem not to like doing anything at all. Well, it’s pretty challenging, especially if you have to convince your brain to like doing hard things. But here in this article, you will discover how to do better than what you typically know. Read and learn more.

Now you know what to do. So your next challenge is to take the first step. You might not know; you are just one trick away from finishing that hard task on your mind. As they say, it will just seem impossible until you get it done.

How to Get Through a Panic Attack

Panic attacks are no joke. They can make you feel as though you have a sudden heart attack or are gasping for breath or even dying. No matter how weak and helpless you may feel about your panic attacks, it’s essential to know that there are things you can do to help yourself get through it. Self-help techniques can help you overcome such situations.

There is no denying that panic attacks can be dangerous and frightening. They can be so draining, physically, and mentally, that it can leave you feeling depressed after an anxiety attack. While the above mentioned steps may help you cope with your anxiety, the most crucial step is to talk to a medical professional. No one should have to live their lives in constant fear of having another panic attack.

Things That Can Harm
Your Mental Health

Have you ever wondered if you may be harming your mental health without even realizing it? Taking care of our psychological state is simply as crucial as taking care of our physical health. We need to consider that some of the habits we think as usual might be causing harm to us.

Other factors can harm mental health in individuals. If you are experiencing any of the listed causes above, it advisable to check yourself or seek professional help to help you in doing so. In the end, always consider your mental health like you do your physical health.

Things That You Can Do To Avoid Procrastinating

Procrastinating can limit your potential and can also be undermining for your career. It can lead to a reduction in morale, teamwork disruption, unemployment, and depression. Taking proactive steps to avoid and prevent it is crucial for your mental and physical well-being.

The first step is to acknowledge that you are doing it, whether absent-mindedly or not. Recognize why you are doing it and set the necessary strategies to overcome and manage it.

How to Deal With Negative People Who Just Aren’t Going Away

We all had toxic people in our lives. They are the kind of people that have a rain cloud hanging over them, with their negative energy affecting everyone around. Oftentimes, their negative attitude may drain you emotionally. You’d probably feel like that there’s little you can do about it.

But that shouldn’t be the case. If you want to deal with a pessimistic person effectively, take action to protect your mindset. Take definite action using these six simple strategies to help them disarm their negativity and shield yourself from their hostility.

How Can You Improve
Your Self Esteem?

Self-worth is something that society highly encourages because of the many wonders it does to a person’s mental health, performance in work or school, and overall well-being. However, it’s not always easy to enhance one’s self-esteem because many factors can easily affect or fluctuate emotions and mindsets.

Learning how to improve your self-esteem is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. While it may be difficult, it’s not impossible. Here’s how you can do it:

How to Help Someone with Suicidal Thoughts

Statistics show that on average, forty suicides occur every second, of every day. As high as the numbers are and as seemingly helpless the situation is, we can help.

For a lot of people, starting a conversation about suicide may seem intimidating. However, it’s important to know that any thoughtful, timely intervention may be the difference between life and death for someone. Most of the time, depressed people feel their lives are unbearable.

How To Take Better Care
Of Yourself

It is essential to take proper care of your mind, body, and soul daily and not just when you are feeling under the weather. To take better care of yourself requires dedication and time, it does not just happen overnight. At the end of it all, it pays off in terms of good mental health, general body health, and builds confidence in various aspects of your life. Taking care of yourself can seem overwhelming at first, but it doesn’t have to be.

Scheduling time for yourself is crucial. Having time for yourself can allow you to ponder on ways to advance in life and also keep you leveled in certain areas. You can also create time to spend with family and friends so you can feel connected and also relax.

Why Seeing a Therapist Makes You Strong, Not Weak

A common reason why many people stop visiting their therapists is because they try to convince themselves that they shouldn’t have to undergo therapy if they were indeed “strong.” They think that seeking help is a sign of weakness, along with the fear of being labeled “insane” or “crazy.”

Although there are people who judge those seeking professional help, it takes courage and strength to have self-awareness when it is time to ask for support.

How Digital Minimalism Helps Focus, Attention, and Productivity

Be honest, on a normal day, how long do you spend browsing online? Most people's answer will likely be, too much as very few people adhere to the recommended 30 mins. If you’re spending almost 7 hours daily on social media, think of how productive you’d be if you directed that time constructively.

The idea of digital minimalism targets this issue, with the objective to help individuals refocus their energy on achieving their goals and managing their time better.

How To Identify The Early Signs Of Mental Health Issues

A lot of individuals believe that mental health issues are rare and can never happen to them, which is a big misconception. Mental health issues are prevalent, and over 44 million Americans suffer from a form of mental disorder yearly.

Mental health issues can include a vast range of conditions, such as changes in behavior and pattern and mood disorders. Noticing the difference between healthy behaviors and early signs of mental health issues can be tricky as there is no exact test to identify if an individual is suffering from psychological health-related problems.

Tips to Overcome
Negative Thoughts

Have you ever found yourself consumed with negative thoughts? It starts with a negative feeling or maybe with a couple of words spoken by someone else. And then it starts to pull you down.

If you easily get caught in worry, anxiety, stress, or depression with low self-worth, you’re probably familiar with the symptoms you’ve experienced firsthand. Negativity can have a detrimental impact on important aspects of your life, including health, work, and relationships. It can distract you from focusing on what’s important, prevent you from enjoying life, and drain your energy.

Why I Chose Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Psychiatric mental health nursing is a demanding job that requires the dedication of a qualified nurse to be able to fulfill all its duties. Before you decide to venture into this field, there are multiple reasons you should take into consideration to be sure that you are making the right decision.

To discover your niche in the nursing world, you need to consider a lot of reasons seeing as it is a long term decision. Here are some ideas to consider before choosing to become a psychiatric mental health nurse.

Choosing the Right Graduate Nursing Program: MSN vs. DNP

So you’ve decided you want to further your Nursing Practitioner (NP) education. Now begins the first step – choosing what type of graduate program is best for you. Should you choose a Master’s degree in nursing or aim for your doctorate?

While there are no clear advantages between the two degrees, both do support different career paths, so it’s essential to understand the differences between the two before choosing which graduate program you would be taking.

How Financial Issues
Affect Your Mental Health

Financial issues and mental health are usually interlinked. Individuals that have problems with money are more likely to suffer from complications with their mental health. Individuals that suffer from psychological distress are more likely to have issues with debt. For many individuals, worries of finance is always an issue, mainly due to the state of the economy today.

Multiple benefits come with boosting your financial state of mind. Economic issues can happen to anyone at any point. Realizing that you need to find help early can prevent the anxiety that arises later.

The Importance of
Playing and Relaxing

We all need a specific amount of stress to deal with challenging experiences in our daily lives. However, if we stay too long in a high-stress state, it can damage our health, both physically and mentally. Physical symptoms, including dizziness, fatigue, headaches, and tension, can be due to stress overload, which is why playing and relaxing is crucial for overcoming it.

It is crucial to know how to relax at home also. There are several ways on how to have a tranquil life despite the everyday stress. Take a walk, be creative, listen to music, read a book, take a warm bath, talk to a friend or anything that helps you release the building tension in your body. It is one way of taking care of yourself too.

How to Stay Optimistic When Everything Seems Wrong

The overwhelming news reports you see and read every day can push your mental health to the boundaries. Optimism might not sound like the best solution, especially in a crisis such as this pandemic. However, despite confidence being a luxury that only a few can afford, it can still help you recover and cope with trauma by softening the blow of stress.

As much as how negative thoughts can be draining, overly optimistic thoughts can also be despite the tips mentioned above. You should not sweep your negative emotions under the rug, but you shouldn’t gloss them over either. Instead, try to let all your traumas, stress, and anxiety sit beside your other feelings.

How to Get Started With Virtual Therapy During COVID-19 Lockdown

It goes without saying that the current Coronavirus pandemic is dramatically impacting our society and the whole world in many different ways. Everything from our supermarkets and health services to the way we live our lives daily has changed. On top of this, with the strict measures of implementing lockdown in most cities, it’s not surprising that this health crisis has affected many people’s mental health.

At this time of difficult times, your mental health and well-being are very important. Reach out immediately for help if your anxiety is reaching proportions that need professional help.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Human Rights and Racism

We live in a world where social construct has massive power over people’s standpoints, actions, and reactions. Speaking up and fighting for what you believe in has been more difficult to do in our society today more than ever.

While Racism and Human Rights are heavy topics that may not seem appropriate to discuss with children, these are things that affect the community that they are growing up in, and their faith in humanity. Remind them that it is never wrong to speak their hearts out and that the world would be more beautiful if only love and respect are abundant.

How To Cope With Racial Discrimination

Racism has always been a societal issue that many experiences up to this day. Unfortunately, there are numerous negative impacts on a person’s self-esteem, mental health, and relationships. If you are a victim of racial discrimination, know that there are many ways you can pull yourself out of the situation and lead a better life.

Racism is never an acceptable thing. It can drastically change lives, destroy beliefs, and hurt many people. If you are going through racial discrimination, always remember that you are valued, loved, and relevant. Keep your head up high and continue to raise awareness to put an end to inequality and prejudice.

Free Mental Health Resources for supporting the Black Community

For black people living in the US, life can be complicated. The Black community consistently endures the trauma of institutional and personal racism that date back to generations. Because of the constant turmoil, they also need to reduce the body’s stress response through activities, including yoga practice and mindful meditation.

Nurturing mental health, especially at times like these, may seem like a strenuous task for several reasons, such as how the Black community consistently faces barriers. Discrimination in the healthcare field and dealing with culturally incompetent therapists can prevent them from receiving the appropriate treatment for mental health.

How Racism Affects Your Mental Health

Racism can be generally defined as practices, behaviors, prejudices, and beliefs that lead to out of line and avoidable imbalances among groups in society based on culture, religion, ethnicity, or race.

Bigotry has detrimental outcomes across the lifespan of individuals. Since discrimination has been rooted in our way of life for quite a long time now, it will require a faithful exertion from individuals across society to cure this issue.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Becoming A Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse

Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners (PMHNPs) are advanced-practice Registered Nurses (APRN) who give thorough emotional well-being care to patients experiencing emotional wellness issues and conduct issues including mood disorders, substance abuse, anxiety, and depression.

They can provide quality analytic consideration and treatment with attention to mental/emotional well-being upkeep.

Factors to Consider in Choosing A Nursing Job

Finding a job, in general, is not easy. With the competition from the pool of new graduates and other people seeking employment, the challenge in job seeking is imminent. For nursing graduates, there are things that you may need to consider and ponder on in choosing your career path after graduation. This article will help you in assessing your mindset while on the hunt for a suitable job for you.

If one thing must always matter in your decisions, it is your happiness and achievement. You must be able to care for others and realize that this is what you love to do. Doing what you love will make your work easier and more joyous to do.

Things Every College Student Can Do to Boost Their Mental Health

Being any student is difficult, especially being a college student. It’s a lot of work to maintain your mental health. Everyone tells us to eat right and exercise to maintain physical health, but mental health is equally important.

No matter how long you are a student or how many degrees you get, one consistent thing is the amount of time it takes to succeed in each course. One of the most helpful things you can do for yourself is having a planner. It helps you stay organized and focused.

The Value Of Knowing How To Set Boundaries

Knowing how to set boundaries is a life skill that many should start practicing because, if not, it can contribute to the overall anxiety and frustration. Understand that you can only do so much, and taking care of other people’s needs and wants before yours is not good for your well-being.

When you’re faced with a situation wherein you need to choose between helping someone out and relaxing instead, always choose the latter. Learn how to set boundaries and rules so that people don’t overdo it and abuse your kindness. Remember that your peace and well-being should always be your number 1 priority.

How To Excel Professionally With A Mental Health Condition

In the workplace, people often don’t talk about what they’re going through. Others refrain from opening up about having mental conditions due to fear of discrimination and being looked down upon by many.

Having a mental health condition should not be the reason you can’t excel at work. With the help of social media and people raising awareness, psychological well-being is slowly becoming part of society’s norm. Don’t be afraid to embrace these issues because it’s part of who you are, and it’s what makes you unique.

The Benefits Of Social Connection

Learning how to establish relationships and connections with others is as essential as taking care of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. By nature, humans are inclined to engage in social relationships because of the benefits they have for their overall health. Being in touch with people gives you a feeling of belonging, closeness, and love.

Whether you love socializing or not, establishing at least one social connection is still something you should be proud of and celebrate. People have different perspectives and experiences, but overall, being able to find someone to call your friend is more than enough.

The Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health

It may seem that spirituality and psychiatry do not have much in common. But in terms of mental care, both have real benefits to offer. Health professionals now have an increasing awareness of how spirituality impacts mental health. They may even include spirituality as support to care plans if a client or a client’s family requests for it.

Spirituality and religious activities have been a source of comfort, relief, and strength for many people. The world’s clutter and chaos are here to stay, and spirituality along with gratitude can be a buffer against the effects of mental health problems.

Ways To Create A Mentally
Healthy Workplace

Mental health in the workplace is indeed essential worldwide. The World Health Organization creates a Mental Action Plan (2013-2030) addressing the issue of depression, anxiety, and other mental health-related illnesses due to the workplace’s environment.

Who also produces the “Protecting Workers Health” series to educate not just the employers but the employees as well on their rights.Moreover, the state of the mental health of employers and employees is an important consideration to make a successful business or organization.

How To Stay Productive While Under Quarantine During A Pandemic

Because of the sudden spread of the COVID-19, people’s lives have turned upside down in an instant. Social distancing and quarantine are one of the many safety measures the government has taken to ensure the halt of disease spread.

Despite the pandemic, there are many ways that you can try to be able to induce productivity while at home. Keep in mind that the important thing is to always ensure your mental, emotional, and social well-being during these trying times.

How To Stay Creative And Keep Your Family Sane During A Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has shocked everyone around the globe. We see a fast increase in people who test positive worldwide and how the number still increases day by day. People have decided to stay at home and observe social distancing.

Above all this, take your isolation one day at a time. Something may not go according to plan, but that should be fine. Try not to be upset when things are unproductive. Try to make sense of the situation. Remember that despite the panic and fear, you are all in this together. Dwell on the things that would matter the most.

What We Can Learn from Chinese Frontliners during the Outbreak

The unusual pneumonia cases seen in Wuhan in December 2019 has now developed into a full-blown global pandemic: the 2019 nCov. China has been criticized for keeping the virus secret and underplaying the burgeoning epidemic for weeks. Now it has spread across the country and eventually overseas.

Its efforts to contain the virus and flatten the curve were also compared to its Asian neighbors, like South Korea, which received global praise for its transparency and efficiency and taking it seriously based on its previous experience with SARS and MERS.

The Power Of Hip-Hop Dance In Mental Health

The culture of hip hop has long been a way for many people to voice out their concerns, problems, emotions, and what they're going through. Unfortunately, to this day and age, some still see hip hop as something that provokes crimes, threats, and negativity. The truth is, the core of hip hop focuses on a person's self-worth, values, and is also a therapeutic way of channeling positive vibes.

If you're experiencing mental health issues or you just can't focus lately, try engaging in any form of hip hop dancing. You don't have to be a professional or take up classes. Turn the music up, feel your emotions, and dance those feelings away!

Ways To Cope With The Covid-19 Pandemic

Ever since news broke that China’s people started testing positive for the Coronavirus, people worldwide have gone into a frenzy of panic, distress, and worry. With the rapid rise in Covid-positive cases, more and more countries are doing everything they can to contain the said disease. As the days go by, it’s essential to stay calm and do the best you can to overcome and cope with this pandemic.

Despite the worldwide panic, always choose to take care of your mental health first as well as your family’s. Take care of each other and support everyone who’s going through a tough time. Eventually, everything will turn back to normal.

Impact Of Covid-19 On Our

News about COVID-19 is flooding all over social media and news reports, affecting almost every aspect of our life. From the travel restrictions and curfews, the government imposed, up to the limited number of supplies people can purchase in the grocery. People inevitably go through a wide range of emotions, including stress and anxiety, making it vital for everyone to know how to manage their well-being properly.

People around the world are going through a lot of stress and anxiety because of COVID. This is aggravated by news all over social media, radio, and television. Most of this information is often false, which causes more anxiety than necessary.

Mental Health Benefits Of Brisk Walking & Running

In general, walking or running improves one’s health, be it the physical or mental aspect. However, some are still confused regarding the intensity of an exercise that one should do to achieve wellness.

The truth is, a reduction in health risks happens whether you decide to make a sprint or choose to walk. Either way, any movement proves to show a better chance of improving health than none at all. Whether you want to walk or run, you should start now.

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health As A Young Working Professional

Entering the professional world can be one of the most challenging events in your life. You have to start prioritizing many tasks, change your mindset and lifestyle, as well as prove yourself to your bosses. This kind of environment can easily take a toll on the mind and affect their well-being; that’s why people should start prioritizing mental health.

Being a young worker may feel overwhelming, and the stress can sometimes aggravate the already-existing mental health problem. The key is not to feel ashamed of asking for help. If you think that you have a mental illness, don’t hesitate to tell a loved one or contact a specialist. Heal your mind, and everything else follows.

The Importance Of Therapy

Nowadays, there are numerous methods of treatment and therapies, thanks to technological advancements in the medical field. However, psychotherapy is still one of the most effective ways known because of the emotional and mental support it gives its patients. Mental health problems are an underrated issue that only psychotherapy can address.

Most of the time, therapies work not because a specialist has the skills or experience. Instead, it is a combination of both the patient and the expert’s efforts. Please continue to help yourself, and the results will be worth it in the long run.

Staying Mentally Fit During Finals Week: A How-To Guide

In my undergraduate days at West Alabama, few days were more stressful than the last week of school. Being a nursing student, these days were often spent pulling all-nighters in the library or waiting for my roommates to finish playing NBA 2K so I could get a quiet dorm to myself to "get in the zone".

Fast forward to now, and I still approach Finals Week as a grad student with the same intensity, but with a greater emphasis on prioritizing my own self-care. Here are a few tips on pushing through!

Balancing NP School While Working As An RN

Many people struggle with achieving that elusive work-life balance. Whether you’re in school or working or both, it can be difficult to balance all the different things we have going on. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones who can focus mainly on school, you will still have errands, friends, family, exercise and other things to balance.

It can take a lot of time to figure out the tips and tricks that work for you. While some people manage to learn this stuff in high school, others only start to struggle at college or even after, when they start working full-time. Learning from others’ experiences can give us ideas on how to get it all in order.

How Difficult Is Nursing School?

There are many reasons to consider becoming a nurse. It’s a job that is always in demand. You can start working straight after finishing your degree. The job can be extremely varied – from working in a fast-paced emergency room to being a geriatric nurse in a hospice to becoming a midwife. You can work as a nurse educator or take a management position, where your days might include recruiting new nurse hires and making decisions regarding budgets.

Even if you already know you want to become a nurse, nursing school can be a shock. You can go in with limited knowledge on anatomy and biology, and dive deep into physiology and pharmacology right away. You’re expected to memorize symptoms of many diseases and medication, which can be daunting.

How To Use Exercise To Boost Your Mental Health

Many people I know say they don’t have time to exercise. Between work, school, commute, family, and the basic errands of life such as keeping your house clean, eating and going to the bank… It can be really hard to know when to fit exercise in. If you’re lucky you can fit in a road trip or some fun activity. Gym? Laughable.

It’s a real shame because working out consistently can have a tremendous effect on your health – both physical and mental/emotional. Exercise keeps our weight balanced, and helps protect us from diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Will More Athletes Retire Early To Protect Their Mental Health?

As someone who is super into football, it was a shock to hear that quarterback Andrew Luck retired early at age 29. After 7 years as a pro player, Luck said he was worn down by pain, injuries, rehab, and setbacks. Andrew Luck isn’t alone. Many athletes retired early in different fields. From Brandon Roy in basketball, who retired at 29 after persistent knee issues, to Bjorn Borg in tennis, who retired at 26 due to mental burnout.

Professional athletes endure a lot of injuries. Recovering from injuries takes time, even when you have the best medical doctors at your time. There are things that money just can’t buy. The pressure to play again before the injury is feeling healed increases the risk for re-injury.

How To Improve Your Work-Life Balance As A Nursing Professional?

As with many other care professionals – such as social workers, doctors, psychologists, and counselors – nurses have a high risk of burnout and “compassion fatigue”. Compassion fatigue and burnout are not about the amount of work you do – how many hours you are actually at your job – but the type of work.

The challenges of nursing lie not only in the job itself but being able to balance everything else in your life. School, friendships, family, romantic relationships, personal time, exercise, balanced nutrition, spirituality.

How Long Should An RN Wait Before Going Back to Nurse Practitioner School?

For some, becoming an NP (nurse practitioner) is the next step from being a RN (registered nurse). Or others, it’s their goal all along. NPs can be independent providers, delivering both nursing and medical care. NPs can even open up their own clinics.

Many RNs – and even people who are still in school to be an RN – wonder how long they should wait before continuing to nurse practitioner school. As with most big career decisions, there are many considerations.

How Can Adversity Lead To Success?

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Is there anything behind that sentence, or is it just something that we like to say? Our society loves stories of people who overcame difficult childhoods or big challenges and managed to find success. Are they rare occasions trouted out to make us feel good, or can we really use challenges, adversity, and failures to our benefit?

In my own life, I’ve felt that some of my earlier struggles have led to success later on.

What Will Be The Role of Males In Nursing Moving Forward?

If this is the first time you’ve come across me, let me introduce myself. My name is Kojo and I’m a male psychiatric RN. When I first started studying nursing, I had no idea what the future held for me. I definitely had no clue that I would go back to grad school to become a nurse practitioner, for example. I was one of the few men in my class, but it wasn’t a deterrent or barrier to getting ahead.

The main benefit of having more male nurses is the same reason all diversity is an advantage in the workplace.

How To Avoid Dwelling On Past Mistakes

We’ve all been there. You lie down to go to sleep at night, but instead, memories come back to haunt you. From something as innocent as calling someone by the wrong name, to that time you left an interview and realized you’d had a big stain on your shirt the whole time.

When these memories come up, judgment usually follows. You find yourself thinking, “I’m stupid, I always mess up, I never get it right”… We can be quite creative with the ways we come up with to bring ourselves down. We’re often our own worst critics, and hold ourselves to higher standards than we do others.

How To Succeed In Nursing School

Nursing is a wonderful profession, but the journey there is not easy. There are several paths to becoming a nurse in the US. While you can do an associate’s degree, some employers choose to only hire people who have Bachelor’s or even Master’s degrees. Once you finish your degree, you’ll have to take another exam to become licensed in order to practice.

It’s especially important to study properly in nursing school. Not only because the material can be difficult, but because it requires more than memorizing. You’ll be using what you learn in nursing school on the job, so it’s important that you really understand what it is that you’re learning.

How To Prepare For Nurse Practitioner School

In the US, advanced practice nursing is state and federally regulated. The full extent to which an NP can practice varies by state. To become an NP, you must first be a registered nurse (RN) who has completed an undergraduate degree in nursing and then continue on to a grad school program – nurse practitioner school.

It’s best to start the year on a good note. Taking the time to really get organized before the year starts can be what keeps you from starting off on the wrong foot.

Recap of My First Keynote Speech at the University of Kentucky

On April 2019, I had the pleasure of being invited to The University of Kentucky to deliver the keynote speech at the 2019 Graduate Student Life Summit – which was a part of the NAGPS Midwest Regional Conference. It was my first keynote speech and though I came fixated on how to provide value to the audience, I found myself learning from the other speakers in the breakout sessions.

I was fortunate enough to receive a University of Kentucky sweatshirt and Kentucky bourbon as a gift from the GSC. Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who helped to make this a memorable one. Looking forward to doing more events like this one, and hopefully I get to make another appearance in Lexington.

How To Overcome The Mental Health Stigma & Thrive

From believing that people with mental health issues are dangerous, to thinking it to be a simple choice of “just don’t worry and relax”. Many people fail to understand the long list of difficulties that arise from mental health struggles. A lot of fear, shame, and ignorance are involved when talking about mental health.

Shame resulting from mental health stigma can make people feel even more alone with what they are dealing with. As if that wasn’t enough, being aware of how they are labeled can prevent people from seeking help and finding relief sooner.

I Can’t Wait … For Right Now

I spent the last few weeks of 2018 reflecting about how exhausting the year was. Three consecutive semesters of school throughout the year (along with clinical rotations) left me semi-burned out and forced me to spend a lot of days resting and planning for the New Year. 2019 is supposed to be — and will be — a big year for me in many ways. I plan on finally graduating from my doctoral degree program, transiting from a RN to a provider, taking my clothing company to a new level, collaborating with awesome organizations like Mental Health America, and even positioning myself to pursue business opportunities in areas that I’m passionate about.

On a personal level, I hope to spend more time with family and friends and most importantly freeing up time for me so I can continue to grow and learn who I am as a person. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for me and the people around me