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Avoid Burnout Before You’re Already Burned Out

Burnout is a point of being emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted due to prolonged stress. From this definition, everyone has probably felt burned out at some point in their lives, especially college students and working adults. According to data from the world health organization, burnout is a common occupational phenomenon, which means stress from work is a leading cause of burnout.

3 Prime Ways to Reduce Burnout Rates and Recover Faster

Despite being a workplace issue, you can start finding a solution to burnout from your daily routine. When you get a workable solution, you can start implementing them before the crisis hits. As the famous medical quote says, “prevention is better than cure,” so here are some helpful ways to prevent burnout.

Understand the Reality of Your Life 

One of the best ways to take care of yourself and prevent burnout is to understand your reality. Why? This is because reward, fairness, control, community, and values are the other causes of burnout apart from work. All these factors make up your reality, but you cannot control all of them because other people influence these factors.

When you work in a place where all six factors are not friendly to you, burnout is quite inevitable. The best solution will naturally be leaving the workplace, but we don’t always get the luxury of many job options. Here are two ways you can help yourself in a condition where you cannot leave.

Modify Your Expectations

A piece of helpful life advice is not to stress the things you cannot change. On the other side of this advice is working on what you can change, which is your expectation. If you know that you won’t get your ideals from your colleagues, then you can modify your expectations for your peace of mind.

Stop Expecting Fulfillment in Barren Places

If you don’t get your ideals at work, you can get it outside work. For example, if you do not get commendations for working overtime, you can use your extra hours to volunteer where you are appreciated. You can look forward to your source of joy when you feel underappreciated.

Give Your Body What It Needs 

Your body has signals to let you know when you are stressing out, and it can no longer keep up. When you see these signals, you are probably heading towards burnout. However, here are three ways to give your body what it needs.

Get Proper Sleep 

Our bodies need sleep to recharge and heal. If you aren’t sleeping well, the chance is that your body is not healing correctly. That is why the sleep foundation recommends a healthy adult getting about seven to nine hours of sleep.

Try your best to organize your schedule correctly to fit in sleeping better (sleeping earlier, waking up later, or setting reminders to sleep). It may not be seven hours, but good sleep will let you stay alert for the whole day.

Take Some Time Off 

Take a break from the stressful situation, press pause. During your time off, you can enjoy resting or doing activities you enjoy, like exercising and dancing to boost blood circulation.

Monitor What You Eat

Try your best to eat lighter and frequently rather than heavy meals that prevent you from moving fluidly. Also, do not starve, eat properly, and on time.

Search for What Aligns with Your Personality

Everyone has a different personality and the things they need to feel better, depending on each individual. Whenever you feel like you are steering in the direction of burnout, try finding something that helps you feel better in line with your personality traits.

Classic Signs of Burnout to Watch Out For

Some warning signs for burnouts that will help you avoid it include:

  1. Thinking about work at home
  2. Health challenges
  3. Exhaustion
  4. Cognitive difficulty
  5. Cynicism
  6. Being Unmotivated
  7. Dissatisfaction
  8. Struggles with personal and work relationships
  9. Performance challenges


There isn’t much you can do about people’s emotions and how they act, but you can help yourself by focusing on what you can do. There will always be situations of powerlessness, and trying to fix them causes burn out fast. So, try applying the elements of this list, and hopefully, you will feel better at home and work.


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